Heather Dubrow House Update: It’s Like Living In “A Homey Neiman Marcus”

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Heather Dubrow's house RHOC

It’s taken Dubrow Chateau two-and-a-half years for near completion, and it looks like the stars of The Real Housewives of Orange County, are almost ready to move into their palatial personal boutique hotel. However, Terry described his wife, Heather’s hard work as living in “a homey Neiman Marcus.”




Here’s what we know will be in the mansion so far, a 21-seat movie theater (commercial grade A/V equipment), a beauty salon with two make-up stations (Terry’s idea), a dining room with a full wine wall (because every home needs one), two full kitchens (so the caterers don’t use the real one), a lit ice trough (is there any other kind), a party basement for the kids with four TV’s (one for each), a master bathroom with two water closets (Heather’s way to keep the mystery in the marriage), and a Champagne doorbell (whatever that is).


Terry has not been allowed to the home site for the past three weeks so Heather can surprise him with the big reveal. And Heather, with her take-charge attitude, has handled every aspect of building this home.

“In terms of the home building, Heather does everything, and I try not to be that idiot who comes into the middle of the project when there’s construction gear everywhere and partially painted things and nails sticking out and start criticizing and commenting and judging, just waiting for the finished product. So Heather smartly said in the last third of the project that I basically couldn’t go there anymore.” Terry explained.

So how did Heather do it?

“I just tried to make every room special,” she said. “There’s a lot of very unique things that I’ve designed and put into this house that I’m just very excited about.” Terry added that the house is like a “fancy present” and each room has been “individually wrapped.”

But guess what? Terry only wants to keep this “present” for the next three years. Like one of his repeat customers who wants bigger and better breasts, Terry is already planning for that next house. So what does Heather have to say about that?

“I said, ‘No, not happening.’ This house, we’re moving in, and we’re staying. I’m tired. No more building. There we are. We’re moving in.”

And we know who wears the designer pants in this family. 


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