Carole Radziwill Condones Bethenny’s Berkshires Blowout & Takes Swipes At Luann #RHONY

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Carole Radziwill’s take on last week’s Real Housewives of New York was unusually brief. She likes to pontificate and take swipes at Luann, but since her girl Bethenny is the one who became unhinged, she remains remarkably silent. Look, bad behavior is bad behavior. No matter who’s doing it.

“I’m speechless. Everything that needed saying was most definitely said — again and again and again. It will probably be on my list of top three most amazing episodes of all time.”

Carole gives her take on Dorinda’s Blue Stone Manor.

“One room is Victorian, another Mid-evilish, another is Hello Kitty inspired and at the end of the hall hangs a blue plastic marlin circa 1950s Key West. A sort of Animal House meets Hot Tub Time Machine.”

For me, that is the charm of Dorinda. She can act like a lady who lunches one day and then start going ham on Luann for dissing her mother’s birthday cake the next.

Carole thought the rooms had a certain resemblance.

“The Billiard Room, The Blue Room, The Attic Room, The Dining Room, The Black Hall — all with wallpapered closets! You can argue in one room then sneak through a secret passage to another. It reminds me of the game Clue.”

I say Bethenny did it with the power of her mouth in the dining room. Any takers?

“Which of us will be murdered in the Billiard Room? Who of us will get out alive? Will Dorinda ever have a drama-free party? Who spilled their lasagna in the Ballroom? Tune in next week to find out.”

Thanks a bunch, Carole. She sure is ready to dish out the aggression when it comes to Luann or Jules, but Bethenny and her terrible behavior is off-limits? Well, I don’t respect that. You all know how I feel about the originals, but Bethenny behaved so badly, I sat there with my mouth hanging open in shock. That is no way to behave. Ever.

All right, I want to know how many of you have wall papered closets? Is Carole the biggest hypocrite of the bunch? What do you make of Dorinda’s eclectic house?


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