VIDEO: Bethenny Frankel Tells Luann De Lesseps “Women Don’t Trust You” Around Their Boyfriends #RHONY

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Bethenny _Lu Berkshires RHONY

The head splitting drama of The Real Housewives of New York continues tonight, as we rejoin the holiday weekend from hell, in the Berkshires.

In the following preview clip, Bethenny Frankel and Luann De Lesseps are at it again, this time in Dorinda Medley’s kitchen in the Berkshires. Bethenny labels Luann as one not to be trusted around other women’s men. Bethenny digs into Lu‘s character again.

Ramona is an example of a person who doesn’t feel like she would want her man to meet you.” 

Luann explains that sentiment by noting that she is dating the guy Ramona still desires. Carole joins the argument and both women accuse Lu of “lying.”

“The problem with you is women don’t trust you! They think you have sex with married men. And you cheat and you f*ck younger guys. And you criticize other people about the same thing you do,” Bethenny continues her tirade.

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Also in this episode, Sonja lets out her frustration at being excluded from the Berkshire trip on hostess Dorinda Medley in the second preview clip. Dorinda claimed that she snubbed Sonja out of heartfelt concern — a tough sell, considering Sonja had been navigating these women much longer than Dorinda. Sonja challenges Dorinda’s motives, noting that the reality bitch-fest is nothing new.

“It’s always like this Dorinda, because it never changes,” Sonja said. “It would have been better to see everybody there.”

Dorinda steps in it by defending her decision noting, “Everybody wouldn’t have come.”

“So you would rather exclude me and have everybody else? I think that’s what really hurts,” Sonja fired back.

Dorinda knows that she’s busted, and tears up, insisting that her decision came from a loving place. Ramona comforts Dorinda, as Sonja makes her exit.

“They gang up on me all the time,” Sonja comments, fighting back tears.

Don’t miss The Real Housewives of New York tonight on Bravo at 9:00 pm ET — and watch part 2 of the Berkshires blowout.


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