Sonja Morgan Fingers Dorinda For Icing Her Out Of The Group To Pacify Bethenny “It’s Classic High School Behavior” #RHONY

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On the Real Housewives of New York, Sonja is having trouble finding her footing on this season. She’s squabbling with Ramona, Bethenny has washed her hands of Sonja over the Tipsy Girl situation, and Dorinda disinvited her to the Berkshires weekend. At least she has Countess Luann in her corner.

“I always have a great time with with Luann. So happy we mended our friendship and she can take my teasing again. My mom said if you don’t laugh you cry, and I prefer to laugh together and move on.”

But friendship with Ramona has its ups and downs.

Ramona does go hot and cold and as I said she flips the switch now in the same day! She goes from one emotional high to a low to a high again in a nano second. I never know where I stand with her anymore… She says she’s happy, but I really see an instability since the split of her marriage.”

Ramona likes to shoot off her mouth, give a half-hearted apology, and then pretend like she didn’t level someone with her words. Well, that won’t fly with Sonja anymore.

“She thinks she can speak out and then it will just all go away. Every time. I have always been there for her, but you can’t turn on those who have been 100% loyal to you. It’s not endearing.”

In spite of what’s gone on recently, Sonja wants to be on good terms with Bethenny again.

“It saddens me to see yet another Bethenny celebration and I’m not there to enjoy. I’ve always had a great time with B. And way before this Tipsy Girl fiasco the girls had been in her ear. And my ear. Coming between us… Now I have to watch Dorinda join the prison gang, fumbling with a way to say I’m not invited. The straw that stirs the drink.”

I don’t think Bethenny listens to anyone else’s opinion. She made up her mind about Sonja once she heard the Tipsy Girl brand name. And Dorinda…well, half of these ladies hate each other, so why was Sonja singled out?

“Last year I was at the holiday get together at Dorinda‘s and no one ganged up. I’ve been with these girls a lot longer than her. I’m not on the outs with the girls. She’s freezing me out. She’s not facilitating the group coming together. It’s classic high school behavior from the new girl. I would NEVER exclude someone from a group event. Never.”

Sonja points out that Ramona is the real trouble maker. And she got an invite.

“Thats [sic] just plain BS inviting Ramona who alway [sic] misbehaves publicly. I never have embarrassed the girls or started fights.”

Sonja hasn’t insulted John either, the way Ramona has.

“I’ve always supported them. I don’t knock their partying ways around town. Nor Ramona‘s. Or anyone’s… I don’t need Dorinda‘s protection from my friends who I know much longer then her…I remember welcoming her with open arms. I can deal with Ramona’s manipulation per usual. And I don’t need the further wedge between me and Bethenny.”

Sonja is right about one thing: Dorinda excluded her to pacify Bethenny. And that’s not right. This entire season, everyone has been bowing down to the Skinnygirl—and you know how I feel about her. But what would this show be without Ramona saying something stupid and insensitive? Or Sonja getting drunk and talking about sex? Or Luann acting pompous and earthy, in turns? They are all part of the RHONY puzzle, but Bethenny’s piece is now much bigger than everyone else’s. Me no likey. I demand equal treatment for all my crazy, drunken, rambling, backbiting Housewives!

So what’s your take? Should Sonja have been ostracized? And would you get your hooha rejuvenated? #TroutSnatch That phrase is burned into my brain forever. Thank you, Sonja!


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