Kailyn Lowry And Gal Pal Caught Kissing At Gay Pride Event Amid Divorce Announcement #TeenMom2

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Kail Lowry_Teen Mom 2

Kailyn Lowry split from her husband of almost four years, Javi Marroquin, on Teen Mom 2 — and has moved on with a woman! 

The reality mom was seen locking lips with a woman last weekend, during the Asbury Park Pride festival in New Jersey over the weekend.

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The now deleted Snapchat revealed Lowry making out with Becky Hayter, a longtime pal. The caption on Lowry’s pic read “Girlfriend status,” with Hayter’s arm around her.

Kailyn Lowry_Teen Mom 2

The women were spotted flirting and touching throughout the gay pride festival. Lowry, 24, has been linked with lesbian rumors before, and has allegedly dabbled in the lady pond more than once. An insider spoke to Star in 2012, about a supposed middle school relationship.

“Kail was with a girl named Shelby for about two years, Jo [Rivera] knew about Kail‘s relationship with that girl.”

Lowry’s friend Gigi Hanna has also allegedly hooked up with the MTV personality.

Kail cheated on Jo with Gigi, but he knew and didn’t care,” the source claims.

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Viewers witnessed Kailyn and husband Javi’s romance from the beginning, and their wedding was filmed by MTV, for Teen Mom 2. They share one son, Lincoln, 2, along with Kailyn’s son, Isaac, 6, whom she shares with Rivera. 

During a recent Teen Mom 2 episode, viewers learned the reason for Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s shocking divorce decision. During a Facetime chat, Kail and Javi discuss the breakdown of their marriage.

“Everything is like so up in the air, I feel like,” Kail says. 

Javi replies, “No I don’t feel like anything is up in the air. I feel like everything is where it needs to be and we texted and we talked about our futures.” “So what is it then? What is our future?” Kailyn asks.“I mean, I guess there is no future,” Javi responds.

The couple has struggled since the beginning, and an upsetting miscarriage coupled with Javi’s recent Air Force deployment seemed to pound the final nails in the marriage coffin. Javi used Kailyn’s refusal to have more children to make the break, and Kailyn willingly agreed. It looks like the soon to be single mom has switched teams — at least for now.


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