Blind Item: She’s Sleeping With Her Friend’s Husband!

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Troubled couple

Blind Gossip is reporting this blind — This reality star is the ultimate hypocrite. She is known for having soundly chastised another cast member for dating a married man. Called her all kinds of awful names.

Well, guess what our star is doing? Dating a married man! That’s not all. The man is the husband of one of her closest friends!

For the past year, our star pretended that they were just long-time friends and he was helping her with some business deals. Nope. They were having a full-blown affair!

[The Wife] never saw it coming. She has been friends with [Reality Star] for decades, and she never thought that she would make a play for [The Husband]. The three of them actually had dinner together late last year, and [The Wife] didn’t suspect a thing. She feels totally betrayed by both of them and is absolutely devastated.

Of course the reality star and the cheating husband will play it like they were both separated from their respective spouses and were just friends before they suddenly realized that they were in love. Just know when you hear it that it’s a lie.

Reality Star:

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