Sonja Morgan Tweets & Deletes Shocking Email About Suing A ‘RHONY’ Costar Over Tipsy Girl Battle

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The boozy battle of the brands rages on, and now Real Housewives of New York reality is spilling over into real time.

Sonja Morgan’s Twitter account revealed a salacious tweet Friday, allegedly accusing a “co-star” of pulling a fast one, in response to Morgan’s decision to market a Prosecco product under the brand name of Tipsy Girl.

Sonja has since removed the tweet containing email screenshot, claiming that her Twitter account had been hacked. However, names were blackened out in the snapped message, which raises questions about any supposed outside interference. 

Sonja Morgan bravo lawsuit tweet and delete RHONY

Sonja Morgan tweet and delete email bigger_RHONY

Sonja then tweeted the following.

According to the email, another member of the cast is allegedly working to trademark the moniker “Tipsy Girl” as one word, “TipsyGirl.” The email is an alleged request to supposedly consider legal action to stop one of Sonja’s “co-stars.”

On November 24, Bethenny’s company SG Marks, LLC filed a trademark for the name “Tipsygirl” seven months after Sonja’s business partner Peter Guimaraes filed a trademark for Tipsy Girl.

“One of Sonja’s co-stars is maliciously defaming her in the press and harming her current and future business prospects by attempting to hijack her brand name Tipsy Girl, and trademarking it TipsyGirl (one word). This crosses the line of ethics and morality, and this person harming Sonja is nothing more than a con-artist with a platform.” 

Sonja Morgan Tipsy Girl

Viewers watched Bethenny Frankel lose it, when she heard the news that Sonja had joined in the spirits venture. Bethenny verbally skewered Sonja, expressing disgust and anger, at the supposed attempt to piggyback Skinnygirl. In the same breath, she admitted that such a tiny endeavor posed absolutely no threat to her weight conscious brand. Bethenny commented during the cast trip to the Berkshires.

“I am not remotely worried about the actual brand of this product.”

Frankel is not named in the email. Stay tuned, as we follow this story.


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