‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: The Browns Are Headed To Hawaii For An All Expenses Paid Trip

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Sister Wives Polygamy

TLC has offered a preview of Sister Wives this week, where fans can sit in on Kody announcing a spring break vacation. Kody struggles to gather the whole gang together, as the women banter about Kody’s adorable struggle for patience, though the crowd chatter. Ysabel (I think) shows off a statement headpiece, adding a festive touch. Kody admits to acting scary and stupid within the same five minutes, heavy on the stupid. Robyn soothes her love’s nerves, as he cites his frustration at his whinnying being ignored by thirty people. Brace yourselves—because Kody’s announcement is a little tough to swallow.

You heard right. The Browns are headed for an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Annoying—YES. However, once I got past my initial jealousy, I had to admit, the trip provides all kinds of new possibilities. Bathing suits and the Brown harem may be intermingled—not to mention grass skirts! We know that Robyn and Kody went to Hawaii as googly-eyed newlyweds— will the other wives rehash their past feelings of resentment?

In other news, Eri-May is set to bust onto the scene, and according to a dramatic snippet, she isn’t too excited to be here. Of course we all know that she is fine, and ready to take her place on Kody’s shoulder.

How the catfish fallout will factor into the rest of the season is a mystery, but fingers crossed that those TLC editing rascals will keep the fun going! Feel free to congregate here during the show—and I will see you all on the recap!


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