Bethenny Frankel’s Verbal Assault On Luann de Lesseps Reveals Shady Motives #RHONY

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Viewers have been abuzz since the last episode of The Real Housewives of New York.

Fans witnessed Bethenny Frankel give Luann de Lesseps a verbal thrashing that may stand unmatched in ‘Housewives’ history. If you blinked, you may have missed what supposedly triggered Bethenny’s explosion. Bethenny explained.

“But the thing about Luann and why I went so red, is she came in a really passive aggressive way for my business. I am no stranger to people trying to claim what’s mine, and it doesn’t work out well for them.”

Jason Hoppy might disagree. How did Luann “come in” for Bethenny’s business, causing her to see (Skinnygirl natch) red?

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Luann commented that the duo was together when Bethenny publicly spoke the Skinnygirl brand into existence. Luann commented.

“Come on, we had fun with it, then you ran with it baby, good for you.”

“It was you and I toasting about the skinny girl, remember?”

Bethenny also pointed to an allergy to bu**sh*t, but evidently has a penchant for busybody command. What were Bethenny’s specific, high-octane gripes, supposedly in defense of her business? 

  • Luann dared to ask about Bethenny’s love life.
  • Luann allegedly stole Ramona’s boyfriend.
  • Luann screws lots of men, and parties until 5 am.
  • Luann stays with Sonja, and is a bad influence on a woman Bethenny already flattened.
  • Luann is a dirty slut.
  • Luann doesn’t admit to being a dirty slut.
  • Luann is not a “girl’s girl.”
  • Luann sleeps with married men.
  • Luann screws 25-year-olds.
  • Luann is a hypocrite.
  • Luann is a snake.
  • Luann fu*ks everybody, and won’t wave her whore-pride banner.
  • Luann is an unfit mentor to a woman Bethenny chose to pulverize and ostracize.
  • Luann brings men to Sonja’s house.
  • Luann rocked short hair first. 

Frankel finished with a doozy, noting that she was “sick of” how Luann lives. Excuse me?

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What do any of these accusations have to do with Bethenny Frankel? Nothing. How do such allegations affect Bethenny’s life or her precious over-hawked business? They don’t. Bethenny attacks because she can — and controls and dictates, because allegedly, Bravo says that she can. Luann later admitted that she may have given Bethenny the wrong idea, and apologized. Bethenny did not return the favor, for the screaming character assault. 

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Who’s next in Bethenny’s line of fire? Carole, Dorinda and Ramona are all sitting and fetching obediently — but we are only nine episodes into Season 8. Whoever is next in line, had better buy earplugs.


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