Bethenny Frankel & Luann’s Battle Over Skinnygirl Creation Heats Up And Turns Ugly! #RHONY

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Bethenny Frankel & Luann de Lesseps RHONY

The Real Housewives of New York explodes tonight, when the holiday festivities at Dorinda’s Berkshires home hit a rough patch. Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps battle out their differences, and Ramona jumps in, accusing Luann of breaking “girl code.” Dorinda melts down, disappointed by the bitchy chaos, and Jules faces a family emergency.

Luann and Bethenny will get into it, triggered by comments that left us hanging at the end of the last episode. Bethenny blasted the absent Sonja Morgan for sticking a toe into the Prosecco pond, branded under the name Tipsy Girl. 

“I am not remotely worried about the brand of this product. It was the trying to get one over on me with a name that is similar and being cute and using me to get press,’ blasted Bethenny. ‘You are pretending you have an international lifestyle brand and all these businesses, then you are like you don’t know what it sounds like?”

Bethenny than launched into self-praise, while baiting Luann.

“Everybody copied me, I was the first person after Diddy to do this, that is the truth, aside from the fact it was your idea,”  Bethenny boasted, snarking at Luann.

Luann played along, hinting at her contribution to Skinnygirl’s success.

“Come on, we had fun with it then you ran with it baby, good for you,”

“It was you and I toasting about the skinny girl remember?,” Luann noted.

No it was my idea that I told you about and you then told everybody else that you thought of,” said Bethenny defensively.

We were together,” shot back Luann.

Anyone who knows Bethenny, knows that those are fighting words! Luann has shown herself to be a worthy opponent, so this should be GOOD. Bethenny is going to get personal, and rake Luann’s reputation.

In a Bravo preview clip, we join Luann and Ramona, post-smackdown, in Dorinda’s kitchen. Luann complains about the hostile atmosphere, noting that she came for Dorinda’s birthday, as evidenced by the birthday cake, baked by her mother. She mocks Bethenny’s accusations, much to Ramona’s delight.

“Bethenny is telling me I am a slut…where does this come from? She is flicking around her hair, like it’s mine.”

Ramona dissolves into giggles, as Bethenny overhears the convo, and heads in the opposite direction. Dorinda busts in, strangely offended by Luann pointing out a birthday cake delivered for a supposedly non-birthday weekend. A probably tipsy Dorinda blasts Luann, then screeches out her disgusted rage at  the whole lousy lot of them.

“I made a conscious choice to not invite Sonja, so we could all have a good time! I think it’s a disgrace!”

“If no one can behave themselves, then you can all go home!”

Will the ladies stay, or will they go? Tune in tonight, to watch all of the fireworks!


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