Bethenny Frankel & Ramona Singer Celebrate Memorial Day With a BBQ And An Accident!

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Bethenny-Frankel-Memorial weekend

The Memorial weekend that started off as grillin’ n’ chillin’ but should have been called scratchin’ and patchin’.

Who are we talking about? The Real Housewives of New York costars, Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer. The two hung out together in the Hamptons over Memorial Day weekend, and along with some fun in the sun, there was a dent in the cent – as in Bethenny’s new truck.

Bethenny debuted her Ford truck over the holiday weekend in a Instagram post captioned, “I designed every inch of her.”


The skinny girl followed the above Instagram post with the following video.


The weekend started out just fine, enjoying the start of summer, barbecuing with good friends and good weather, relaxing by the pool, rocking a purple bikini, and Bethenny showing off her new Ford Bronco painted to match her Skinnygirl brand.


I mean, doesn’t Bethenny always find a way to promote her brand no matter the occasion.

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Unfortunately, when Ramona arrived at the party she got too close to Bethenny’s Bronco and scratched the paint. And Ramona had the nerve to blame it on Bethenny“I will kill her.” Bethenny scolded her costar. “Ramona walked in one second ago and scratched my car!”

Bethenny-Frankel-Ramona-Snapchat-Truck Dent

So Ramona chimes back, “I got excited! I got excited!” Then she says, “Well why did you park it so close to the rock?”

File this under typical Ramona!


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