‘Dance Moms’ Star Maddie Ziegler In Nude Video Scandal! Admits To Baring Chest In Leaked Clip

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Maddie ziegler

Another day, another Dance Moms scandal, however this latest one could possibly the most disturbing one yet because it involves a minor, Maddie Ziegler.

Last year, when Maddie was 12, Instagram users claimed they had seen a video of Maddie exposing her chest. Reportedly, her iCloud was hacked. Aren’t they always! But now sources, including Maddie, are admitting to the existence of that leaked video.

Someone who said they watched the video, described it in the following way.

Maddie was holding a towel over her chest area.” Adding that “she lifted up the towel then put it back on then lifted it again and started dancing. It goes on for six seconds.”

One poster called the video “the most disturbing thing” they had ever seen while another defended Maddie alleging “her privates were covered.”

Last month, Maddie and her dance buddy, Kendall Vertes, both 13, confirmed the video’s existence in a live stream, posted by Radar. Here’s what the 10 second video said:

Kalani, do you remember when we made our bathroom videos?” Maddie asked her friend, as Kendall replied, “And your nipples came out!”

Maddie made a face before laughing and speaking in skat-jibberish about the confession. Recently, we reported Kalani’s mom was arrested for theft and fraud in 2005 and dance teacher Abby Lee Miller, no stranger to problems, was indicted on 20 counts of fraud.


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