Ramona Singer’s Outraged At John’s “Aggresive” Behavior & Feels Luann Broke Girl Code #RHONY

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I don’t think it will surprise any of you that Ramona Singer’s Real Housewives of New York blog is full of self-delusion. Or maybe she’s trying to persuade us that her behavior has been rational? If so, she’s not very convincing.

When Dorinda Medley and her lumpy boyfriend, John Mahdessian, held a party at his dry cleaning business, Ramona arrived without an invite. But Ramona tells a different story.

“I wasn’t originally invited to John‘s dry cleaning party, but then when Dorinda saw me at the Sushi Roxx party she asked me personally to please come… I would never go to a party that I was not invited to.”

Now on this point, I actually believe Ramona. Or perhaps that Ramona wrangled an invite out of Dorinda? Either way, I believe a verbal invitation was issued.

“In retrospect, I probably should have just gone home, but because Dorinda extended the invite to me at Luann‘s party, I thought it would be rude if I didn’t show up.”

When Ramona see’s Luann’s ex, Rey, she eggs him on, even though he’s clearly hammered. This much we saw for ourselves. But now Ramona starts playing fast and loose with the truth.

“I had heard from Bethenny how aggressive John was with her at the bra party, so when he approached me and Rey, I was nervous being around John.”

Did Ramona look nervous to you? I thought she seemed aggressive and confrontational.

“If John had just said, “Luann was attacked by this guy, he must leave,” the situation between John and me would never happen. Instead my protective nature wanted to defend Rey from John …because I was afraid of his demeanor. I was horribly scared…”

I don’t believe a word of it. Ramona has pulled this “scared” card before with Aviva’s father. Standing toe to toe with John and refusing to leave is not the act of a frightened person.

“I did stick up for Rey, but only because of the way John presented himself. I did not get thrown out as John has reported to the press. I actually left — on my own accord!”

As we saw, it wasn’t until Dorinda got involved that Ramona finally left.

“Actually, John scared me. He put his hand in my face in an aggressive way that no man should ever do. Yes, I got angry, but I do think most people would have responded the same way as I did. He came into my space over something that had nothing to do with me. He should have removed Rey quietly instead of creating a scene at his own party.”

Yes, John was wrong to put those chubby little hands in Ramona’s face, but—I can’t believe I’m defending John here—he did try to get Rey to leave, asking him outside to smoke a cig. Ramona inserted herself into the situation.

“Glad I have the reputation of being the apologizer, but I do own my own stuff! Never in denial at all. I know if I am wrong, and I know if I believe I am right. I only apologize when I do feel like I handled something wrong or I hurt someone.”

Ramona’s not sorry about telling Sonja Morgan a few home truths either. Because that’s what frenemies are for, right?

“Clearly you can see that I am not the only one that thinks Sonja has some “issues.” The girls are concerned. Dorinda was clear as can be that she did not want to invite Sonja from fear of what may happen… Yes, of course it did hurt Sonja’s feelings but Dorinda’s intentions — as are mine — are to protect her.”

Uh huh. According to Ramona, the person who should be apologizing is Luann de Lesseps.

“Tom and I dated around six times between august and September. He was a great date and fun to be with. Nice guy but not for me… Luann is very big about girl code. She knew from the article in the press that I was dating him. I don’t understand as a girlfriend why Luann would never mention this to me.”

Ramona is possibly the least self-aware person, unless you count Sonja. But Sonja has a certain charm to her. You can’t help but like her, even when she’s being her most ridiculous self. Ramona on the other hand…

So do you think I’m being too hard on the apologizer? Or should Ramona put her money into therapy instead of more plastic surgery?


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