Sonja Morgan Goes After Dorinda Medley On Twitter After Being “Iced Out” of The Girls’ Trip #RHONY

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There’s something about the Berkshire’s that brings out the dramatics for The Real Housewives of New York City. Is it a comedy? Is it a tragedy? Who knows, but when the cast was invited by Dorinda Medley for a girls’ overnight getaway, excluding Sonja Morgan, everyone packed the conflict into their designer luggage. It was almost like Sonja was there, her name came up so much.

So while fans were watching Wednesday night’s show, thinking Sonja should be grateful she wasn’t in attendance for the trainwreck of an evening, Dorinda and Sonja got into a Twitter battle over her exclusion. Sonja wasn’t buying the reason Dorinda was selling – that she needed protection from her friends. “I don’t need dorinda to protect me from my friends that I know longer than her.”

To which Dorinda explained it was all coming from a place of love. “This is coming from a place of kindness… From a place of kindness!!!! And protectiveness and concern and love @SonjatMorgan,” she wrote.

Many fans who watched the episode could see through the protection and love for Sonja as really protection and love for Bethenny. In a prior episode, the two ladies argued over the name Tipsy Girl, leaving Sonja blindsided by Bethenny’s accusations she was riding Skinnygirl’s coat tails.  “Not nice to “protect” me from @bethenny. She wasn’t even mad anymore. Not cool to ice me out.”

However, Dorinda denies icing Sonja out and claims she has meteorology capabilities. “Not choosing sides, I just know a storms a brewing and I’m playing smart @SonjatMorgan,” she said.

Bethenny jumped in and confirmed she didn’t “dictate” the guest list.

This tweet only added fuel to the ever growing Berkshire fire. Sonja called out Dorinda’s story as being “fake.”

Not to leave anyone out of the Twitter melee, Sonja said Ramona Singers’ concern was lies.

And the name calling didn’t stop there. The trip had originally been planned for a weekend, but was scaled back to an overnight trip. Not true, says Sonja.

So what’s the final word from Dorinda? She stands by her decision to exclude Sonja.

Tune in next week for the drunken conclusion to drama in the Berkshires.


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