Meri Brown’s Celebrates “Catching the Catfisher” Special — NO Catfish Identity Revealed #SisterWives

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Meri and Jackie_Sam_Catfish-Sister Wives

Meri Brown believes that she is finally out in the open with the online relationship that almost ended her polygamous marriage.

The Sister Wives star recently sat for an NBC interview, for a special called Catching the Catfisher. Meri slightly cracked open her vault of secrets, in order to raise awareness about the dangers of online canoodling. Meri tweeted throughout the special.

Meri enthusiastically accepted kudos from around the web, during the social media after-show. Her online cheerleaders were applauding their reality hero — but they all ignored one key point. Meri Brown, nor NBC news revealed the identity of the online culprit, who snagged Mare’s heart. Meri never confirms “Sam Cooper’s” true identity.

It is obvious that no one was able to nail Jackie Overton with any crime. But if Meri is so concerned about the vulnerable state of TLC viewers — why not expose her ex-lover’s identity?

Meri had to admit the exposed affair — but stopped short of describing how she behaved throughout the sneaky ordeal. Meri did not refute the validity of the published evidence, and NBC didn’t push her to elaborate. Meri chose her level of disclosure, and in the end, did not come clean.

Meanwhile, the catfish swims on, and Meri is a heroine. Awareness is a good thing — but so is transparency and full disclosure. Sister Wives fans will probably never hear the whole fishy story from Meri Brown.

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