Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas’ Divorce Scandal Grows Amid Their Rumored Feud #RHOA

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The rumor mill is churning overtime on the state of the union for Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas. Will they or won’t they divorce? Will they or won’t they return to Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta as a couple? Will they or won’t they ever live in the same city?

Recently Cynthia has been spotted on the West Coast partying with bestie NeNe Leakes at various events. The renewed besties were seen at Johnny Gill’s birthday in California.


But where was Peter? In New York City attending his daughter’s graduation. Peter has also revealed plans to open a new bar in NYC.


Cynthia was a no-show for her step-daughter’s graduation, too busy in Cali celebrating the launch of her new leather goods line with friends.

Say what you want about Peter and Cynthia, these two are hard workers — if only they’d put that same sweat equity into their marriage!

Reportedly, the reality couple are living separate lives in separate states — Bailey’s living in the couple’s ATL home, while Peter’s in their Charlotte crib.

This arrangement has been in place for months, because Peter decided he doesn’t want to do ‘Housewives’ anymore. He thinks the show drama — which has focused on their marital issues — is making it too hard to patch things up when cameras are off.

The ATL couple dealt with their biggest scandal when a video surfaced of Peter engaged in “inappropriate” behavior with an unidentified woman. The video featured Thomas at his Charlotte bar, getting too cozy with a woman who is not his wife. He appears to kiss her cheek, stroke her neck, and run his hand along her breast.

Thomas spoke to Charlotte radio station Power 98, commenting,

“My marriage is definitely in a place where I don’t need it to be.”

Thomas explains that due to the couple marrying on the show, their relationship became a bit of a whirlwind and prevented them from spending quality time together. They didn’t even have a real honeymoon.

“We’re working 18 hours a day, so we never really get to spend time together and after 6 seasons on the show, we’re just not there with each other. Everyone tells me, ‘Oh, you’re going through the 5-year thing’. My wife might be going through the five year thing, but like I’ve always said. When I went before God and said ‘I do’, I meant it.”

Many fans are speculating that Cynthia will return this fall to the new season of RHOA as a single woman. Tell us your prediction.


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