Dorinda Medley Talks Bethenny And Carole Mean Girls Ways & Why She Defends John So Much #RHONY

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Dorinda Medley WWHL

Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewife of New York, Dorinda Medley joined Andy Cohen. His special guest, Paula Abdul, had just come from the White House. Dorinda was sporting a wide-legged, snakeskin print, sequined jumpsuit. Paula wore too many accessories, as per yush.

First thing, Andy showed a clip of his favorite roommates, Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps. After a girls’ night out, Sonja left her g-string on the bathroom floor and Luann staggered home after three rounds of sex with her new man. They drank coffee in the kitchen, bundled up in their fur coats because Sonja refused to turn on the heat. And they read about themselves in The NY Post.

Um…hello, Andy. Isn’t that what all of us do every morning?

Tonight’s poll question is a pressing one. Do Luann and Bethenny have the same hair?!

Andy opened the Vault of Shame and showed old photos of Paula. The most embarrassing came from a musical she made while still in junior high school. That was thirty-five years and at least three noses ago. To be inclusive, Andy also showed a picture of Dorinda at a Grateful Dead concert. She looked pretty much the same, but with longer hair.

On tonight’s RHONY clip, Dorinda arrived at Bethenny’s gift exchange party in tears. She didn’t understand why Ramona was so antagonistic toward John—unless Ramona fancied him for herself. (No one fancies him, Dorinda. Let’s be clear.) Bethenny pulled Dorinda aside and tried to console her by telling her to get some alone time and figure out what she needed. If that was John, so be it.

Paula has been following the season closely. She placed her hand on Dorinda’s arm and said, “After tonight’s episode, I’m was glad you had a little bit of a break.”

Not to be outdone by Bethenny, Dorinda hosted her own holiday party—an overnight at her house in the Berkshires. The ladies were of varying opinions at Sonja’s being left off the guest list. Ramona thought it was amazing. Luann felt awkward. Then Ramona’s dog took a dump on the carpet. When Bethenny arrived, the shit really started to pile up.

Paula couldn’t comment on Madonna’s tribute to Prince at the Billboard awards. “I didn’t get to see it because I was flying here to New York. I didn’t get to see it.”

Paula, there’s crazy new invention called the internet where you can catch up on things you missed. You should totally check into it.

She offered polite condolences. “Very, very sad and gone too soon. Yes, I did work with him.”

So is Dorinda still holding a grudge against Ramona after last week’s craziness?

 “No, no, we’ve moved on. We have twenty years invested in this. She’s the apologizer. I’m the forgiver. We’re all like superheroes, you know? We move on quickly.”

Next, Andy showed a sneak peek of next week’s episode. The Berkshires Part II. Luann thinks Bethenny should get laid already. Bethenny accuses the Countess of sleeping with married men. In fact, she’s giving the goods away to any man on the Upper East Side. Luann is offended, of course. Then Bethenny slams Luann and Sonja for drinking too much. And that’s only the first five minutes! Dorinda said:

 “Santa was there. Rudolf was there. Frosty the Snowman was there. They were so disappointed.”

What did Paula think of Mariah Carey bashing American Idol on WWHL? “I thought she was great on your show.” Then she mumbled unintelligibly before saying, “That was her experience. That was what she experienced, so she’s entitled to her opinion.”

So was Ramona jealous that Dorinda introduced Tom to Luann? After all, Ramona did have a little fling with Tom.

 “…I didn’t realize there was this dalliance between them. I didn’t even realize it until after the show aired. I still couldn’t get my head around this murky water. Sonja, Ramona, someone else… I think she…I still don’t know, to tell you the truth. I’m confused.”

Is it hard for Dorinda to keep defending John?

 “I think you have to stand in what you believe in. And you know, I believe in my relationship and at the end of the day, I don’t have to define it to anyone else. As I say all the time, we do have a volatile relationship. My life is volatile. So people can interpret it the way they want, and I really don’t care.”

Has Paula reached out to Janet Jackson about the pregnancy? “I congratulated her publicly many times. It’s exciting for her, and I’m very happy for her. I haven’t seen her in quite some time.”

In Dorinda’s opinion, why do Bethenny and Carole Radziwill continue to be mean girls toward Jules Wainstein?

 “It’s a very funny thing. It’s almost like somewhere along the line they decided they weren’t going to like her. The girl could do no right. I don’t get it. Of course, I love Jules. She literally can do nothing right. She brings food, they’re mad at her. She doesn’t bring food, they’re mad at her… That happens sometimes. That mean girl thing happens and then they run with it.”

Paula had to play a game of Plead the Fifth. John Stamos wasn’t the inspiration for Cold-Hearted Snake. Who was? “That song was written in case I met one. Maybe I was channeling that I would meet, some nasty Brit from across the pond. Maybe.”

What was one thing from her show, Hey Paula she wished the cameras hadn’t captured. “95%. It was a love-hate relationship. It’s always a life lesson…”

Shag, marry, kill with the American Idol cast. “Kill Simon. Marry Ryan.”

“And shag Randy?” Andy asked.

“Why not?” Paula asks. Why not indeed!

So what is the current situation between John and the other ladies? Dorinda pointed to John in the audience. “I’m always good with all the girls,” he said.

As a Lakers Girl, did Paula ever hook up with any of the players? “When I was in charge of the girls, I would say, ‘Look, I don’t care what you do, just don’t do it, okay?’ Because I would see the wives and the girlfriends coming down the tunnel, looking at me.”

Did Dorinda make a mistake by not inviting Sonja to her weekend getaway?

 “I was actually talking about it today. I really don’t. I live by my decision, because, as you can see, as the episode unfolds, it really gets ugly up there. At that point I felt Sonja wasn’t in an emotional position to be there. And I know you guys don’t believe it, but I swear to God, it came from a protective place.”

After Ramona’s dog pooped on Dorinda’s carpet, she didn’t offer to have it cleaned.

 “She wouldn’t even admit he pooped on my carpet. She’s like, ‘That’s not my dog.’”

So are Luann and Bethenny sharing a hairstyle? 52% said no, they look nothing alike.

What did you make of tonight’s RHONY? And are you rushing out to buy a vibrating thigh master? And shouldn’t Sonja just move already? Her ‘no furnace’ policy is killing me!


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