Bethenny Frankel Belittles Sonja Morgan in Booze Battle “Her Idea Can’t Touch My Brand” #RHONY

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Bethenny Frankel rhony

Bethenny Frankel pulled her punches this week on the Real Housewives of New York.

We all know Bethenny can slay with her words, and while she gave Sonja Morgan a taste of that sharp tongue, once she saw Sonja crying, Bethenny backed off.

“The Sonja situation was just kind of sad. Obviously, her idea can’t touch my brand. There is no product or distribution. It is a made-for-television idea… You can’t find a city of the Housewives where several women haven’t followed in my footsteps and attempted booze… It is a brutal business, and it may look easy, but as you see, it isn’t.”

I can see both sides, AATT’ers, and I’ll tell you why. Sonja is doing her best to earn a buck. However, she could sell Gray Gardens. She could go back to work—you know a real job, with a real paycheck that doesn’t involve reality TV. She could downsize and get her life in order. But none of these sensible ideas will make Sonja rich or famous and she’ll have to bust her hump to make it work. But Sonja lives in a fantasy world, one in which she owns Nigerian football teams and mythical toaster ovens. As Sonja says, she wants to get back to where she was, but without another rich husband, I don’t see that happening. So while I sympathize with her situation, I don’t think she has a strong work ethic.

Now, onto our lightening rod. Love her or hate her, you have to admit Bethenny worked herself up from nothing. That drive, and the success that’s come with it, have made her more abrasive and closed-off than ever. Yet Sonja is obviously trying to piggyback on Skinnygirl, just as Teresa Giudice tried to do with Skinny Italian. And yes, Bethenny did with Skinny Bitch. One difference: Sonja and Bethenny have to interact socially. So while I’m rooting for scrappy Sonja to succeed, I understand Bethenny’s point of view. I imagine she feels betrayed by someone she viewed as an acquaintance, if not a close friend.

“This was just an unoriginal name and idea, and it gives a false impression to the audience–that you just go on tv, and poof a brand is born. That isn’t how it works… As for Sonja, well… I have no anger towards Sonja, but I do have sympathy. I hope she can find her truth somewhere in the process.”

Now, on to more important topics—dry cleaner parties!

“Wow, that fight was insane. The first thing I thought was who would date that vile creature much less go to Ibiza with him? Not sure why Ramona wanted to speak with him but probably to get some dirt because where men and Luann are there may be some to dig up.”

Bethenny is definitely siding with John on this one. Up to a point.

“I agreed with Dorinda that John was right to want to toss that pig from his party, but ever so wrong to wave his hands at Ramona and light that flame again. John needs a paycheck, an Herve Leger dress and an apple and he is ready for his tagline. That was some fight.”

So what’s your take? Are you firmly in Sonja’s camp or like me, are you riding the fence? And can we stop focusing on John for at least one episode? He’s being shoved down our throats, and I have to think there is more going on in New York than this man and his dry cleaning empire. Amy I wrong?


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