Watch Robyn Brown’s ‘Sister Wives’ Bash Her Decision To Split Her Kid’s Room [VIDEO]

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Sister Wives continues tonight, and while most fans are drumming their fingers to get to the tagged-on special, Catching the Catfisher, a preview clip slows us down, to a day in the life of a pregnant Robyn Brown.

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The clip reveals Kody and Robyn bantering about painting the nursery—half blue and half pink—an aesthetic that won’t surprise those familiar with the ladies’ wardrobes.

Kody gives his thumbs up to the wacky idea—as long as Solomon approves of living in an ugly room with his soon to be born, baby sis. Mare isn’t a fan, but Janelle thinks that the design idea is “clever.” Christine speaks for the fans, when she comments in that the idea is “stupid and confusing.”

It is obvious that four-year-old Solomon still sleeps with his mommy and daddy, and that horrific wall colors may not be his only adjustment, as he welcomes a new  sibling. The plurals all pitch in to help, as Kody muses that having an 18th kid is as abnormal as this weirdo decorating project. Kody notes that nothing stays the same around there—except their hideous taste.

Tune in tonight, for more polygamous humdrum, and Meri’s proud spinoff cameo in Catching the Catfisher. 


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