Jules Wainstein Supports Sonja Morgan In Tipsy Girl Booze Battle With Bethenny Frankel #RHONY

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Jules Wainstein. Just when I think I might start warming up to her, she acts entitled and a little spoiled and I’m back to square one.

This week on the Real Housewives of New York, Jules’ nanny up and quit without so much as a ‘see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya’. I can understand why Jules was upset. This nanny was obviously a big part of her kids’ lives.

“For example, my nanny very suddenly quit without even saying a goodbye to my kids who adored her — that was painful for me because as a mother I’m supposed to protect my kids from pain and disappointment and I failed to do that.”

And I don’t begrudge Jules a nanny. Hell, if you can afford the extra help, why not avail yourself to it? But Jules feels the need to justify herself.

“Before the mommy wars begin, please let me say that I take my responsibilities as a mother very seriously, and I spend a tremendous amount of quality time with my kids. But like any good CEO, I need help running the little empire I call home…”

My problem with Jules is not her use of domestic staff, but her attitude about things like standing in lines. She’s too good for it. And the way she forces the nanny to put together an outfit for her daughter, all the while wearing that smug little smile, as if expecting the prospective nanny to fail. That’s the side of Jules I don’t like.

On to the Tipsy/Skinny Booze Wars of 2016. Jules is pro Sonja all the way.

“I love watching Sonja take a bold leap into a new business venture and wish her and every other female entrepreneurs all the success in the world! There is no monopoly on success or happiness, and I still believe that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so why not mentor one another, support one another, encourage one another?”

Possibly because Bethenny worked very hard to get where she is, and Sonja wants to take the easy route once again. I understand not everyone sees it that way, and while I do want Sonja to succeed, I get Bethenny’s point. Jules, however, does not.

“We all need to support one another — mothers, sisters, friends, women in business, women on the street, women in the powder room, women at the grocery store, women on the Internet.”

And how do we support other women in the powder room? By offering them a spare tampon? Come on, Jules. Enough of this fake sisterhood crap. I’m not buying it, mainly because Jules has done her fair share of bashing Bethenny. For good reason and in retaliation—I agree. But she’s not above a little shit-talking, so she needs to stop acting like she is.

As for the only dry cleaning party in the history of ever, Jules is torn.

“So I’m gonna agree with my dear friend Dorinda: A person’s actions might be correct and well-intentioned, but when you are reactive without thinking things through, it undermines your actions. A man should never let another man be crude and disrespectful to any women (or men) at his party, but a man should also never aggressively put a hand anywhere close to a woman’s face or body.”

So what do you think? Am I being too hard on our newbie? She is still finding her way, after all.


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