Leah Messer Receives Heartbreaking News About Her Daughter’s Health #TeenMom2

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More bad news for Teen Mom 2 star, Leah Messer.

On an upcoming episode, a potential health scare is discovered by Leah and ex-husband, Corey Simms, about their daughter Aliannah Simms.

When Leah drops off Ali with Corey in a parking lot next to a busy freeway, they have the typical parental conversations about Ali’s homework that has been completed and signed.

Corey then tells to the mother-of-three that next time Ali has a doctor’s appointment, they need to mention her diet because she’s losing weight. Leah isn’t clear on what he means by the word “diet.”

Corey says, “She’s not eating. It takes everything I got to get her to eat.” Leah is concerned and responds, “She eats with me.”

“She eats, but she doesn’t eat enough,” Corey explains. “She’s been not eating for a while.”

He revealed that the 6-year-old has lost a few pounds and is now down to only 34 lbs soaking wet, when she used to weigh was almost 40lbs. Corey’s worried because a child needs to weigh 40 lbs to safely sit in the booster seat.

The couple appears to be getting along better and agree to make a doctor’s appointment. Leah tells father and daughter to “be careful” as they drive away.

Watch the clip above to see Leah and Corey discuss Ali’s shocking health concerns. Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 10pm ET on MTV!


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