‘Dance Moms’ Star Kira Girard Criminal Conviction For Theft & Fraud EXPOSED!

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What is it about Dance Moms that the women on this show keep having financial issues? The latest to join the ever-growing list is Kalani Hilliher’s mom, Kira Girard, who was arrested for theft and fraud schemes in 2005.

At the time of the arrest her name was, Kira Salazar, and she was living in Chandler, Arizona. Her charges consisted of four counts of felony theft and one count of attempted theft. Here’s what went down per court documents.

Kira Salazar has been involved in the crime of fraudulently obtaining monies from victims who have entered into an agreement with her to buy Plasma HDTV’s that she posted for sell through www.ebay.com,” the court papers read. “Kira Salazar has the buyers send their money to her, via personal check or electronic wire transfer; and then fails to deliver their merchandise or refund their money.”

Kira scammed four people into purchasing the televisions sets for a whopping total of $15,525. She told customers she could only accept payment for the merchandise with “personal check, money order, cashier’s check or wire transfer.”

The report continued to say that when police arrived with a search warrant at Kira’s boyfriend’s home, a man by the name of Todd Cash, he

“voluntarily admitted to the possession of the syringes and vials found inside the residence. He also stated that the syringes contained a substance known as anabolic steroids.”

After being charged with possession of dangerous drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, Cash was released. As for Kira, she denied any involvement placing the blame that “someone was selling items using her name and eBay account.”

Kira claimed that she always carried,

“piece of paper with all of her passwords in her purse, which any of her boyfriend’s three roommates had access to.” And by the way, Kira said she these roommates “also had access to her lap top computer which she left at the house.”

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Of course, it didn’t explain the pictures police had of Kira depositing the victims’ checks at her bank. However, Kira still continued to deny, deny, deny.

The court papers mentions that Kira said she “received some random checks” and “she had no idea why someone would send her such a large check but she tried cashing the check anyway.”

Police continued to put the pressure on her and finally Kira admitted to the scam. Her explanation was,

“Because they did it to me.” Kira explained that after bidding on an auction item of four iPods, someone “took her money and never delivered the product.”

In the end, Kira pled guilty and accepted a deal of two years’ probation and $5,975 in fines. Her probation had to be extended in 2009 when the courts learned Kira completed 0 out of 400 hours of community service.


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