Luann de Lesseps Spills Tea On Drama With Ramona Singer & Hints Ex Boyfriend Rey Is Gay #RHONY

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Luann de Lesseps and Michael Rapaport joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live tonight.

Andy played a clip from tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York with Luann trying to school Sonja about why Bethenny might not be so happy with her similarly named Tipsy Girl Prosecco.

Yesterday was Luann’s birthday. Ramona gave a Snapchat about being uninvited to the party. But Luann takes no responsibility and sputtered this:

“You know what? It was a surprise party. Guess what? I didn’t invite. …it was raining…you know what I think the problem was, to be perfectly honest? John and Dorinda were coming, and it was not a good night for that mix. And I think that’s what really happened.”

Luann’s relationships with the ladies, she good with Sonja, Jules and Dorinda. Her situation with Carole is “getting to a much better place” and she’s “up and down” with Bethenny. But as for Ramona:

Ramona and I were cool until I saw the episode. And I was like, ‘What? She tried to keep a crazy stalker at this party. And she encouraged him, and that was not cool.”

Bethenny or Sonja?

Luann tries to play the diplomat, while basically taking Sonja’s side.

“I just feel like Sonja’s, you know, trying to make ends meet and trying many things, as we all know. I totally think she should have spoken to Bethenny. At least mentioned it, and not just, like, put it out there without even speaking to her.”

Michael gives his opinion:

“I get that Bethenny’s mad, and I get that she soft [sic] up when the tears came… What’s going on in that mind? We need to get her [Sonja] and Ramona…find out what’s going on, like what’s running around up there. They’re incredible, like their mind, the way they work, it’s far out. So I felt compassion, and I think Bethenny did, too. But the crazy thing is, once she [Bethenny] softened up, then she [Sonja] goes in the elevator and makes the comment about the handbags.”

Luann said, “I’m next. We all get a turn.”

John’s dry cleaner extravaganza, Luann ran into her ex, Rey. She was so upset afterward, she left the party. Ramona started talking to cray-Rey. When he got loud and out of control, yelling in Sonja’s face, John asked him to leave. Instead of waving goodbye, Ramona stood up for Rey. Mayhem ensued and spilled out onto the sidewalk. So basically, the best dry cleaner party ever!

Luann gives us more tea on this drunk man she used to date. First of all, she claims she didn’t go to Ibiza with him.

“Well no, Rey met me in Ibiza…I was on a holiday with friends…”

Michael asks if Rey was really gay. Luann admitted that a lot of people think so. Andy agreed, but Luann put it down his inebriated state.

“I just dated him a couple of times. He’s not my boyfriend, he was a date.”

Michael gave us his take on RHONY this season.

Dorinda going crazy on Ramona during the psychic session:

Dorinda could be interchangeable as a Jersey Housewife… Her hand gestures…her angles are unpredictable. Ramona…it’s like a gerbil, she’s so sweet.”

John and Bethenny’s fight over the Skinny Cow/Skinnygirl names.

“I want to offer John a self-defense class…when he meets up with Bethenny. He needs to be able to talk trash better… He’s outmatched.”

Jules’ Hampton house:

“I would be concerned about her Hamptons house as an investment. That place looks like a mess.”

Luann’s regifted necklace.

“For a countess, I wouldn’t say that’s very countess like. I’m just saying. I’m just answering the questions. This is my moment here, Countess.”

Carole and Adam?

Carole and Adam is [sic] cute, but when Carole got a watermelon hand wrap and didn’t thank him…like if someone hands you a watermelon hand wrap…she acted like that was a wet bag of potato chips.”

A sneak peek of next week’s show gives us a Luann/Bethenny spat. Luann defends staying at Morgan Manor, saying Sonja needs her right now. Luann is trying to mentor her old pal. Bethenny laughs out loud, saying it’s the blind leading the deaf. Luann then tries to take credit for coming up with the Skinnygirl name. Bethenny vehemently disagrees — as in hell no beyotch, you are not taking credit for my business baby.

Tonight, Ramona mentioned that Luann is a squirter. Holy milk cow! (And by milk cow, I mean squirter.) Andy couldn’t bring himself to even say the word. Luann was disgusted.

“You’re a gentleman, so… How vulgar is she? That’s all I have to say.”

In Michael’s opinion, who has the best game, Sonja, Ramona, or Luann? Michael thinks Sonja, but when Luann chided him for not naming her, he pointed out that she’s engaged. It’s time to close that door, honey. Tight.

Michael loves John, who brings:

“…an indie, straight to video gangster film quality to the show. The fact that Dorinda…referred to herself as not being a ‘gavoon’, she gets like two stars for that. But John is a mess. And he had his chance to shine. If he’d gotten Rey, who kind of acts gay, and said ‘you need to get out of here’ and he’d just done that, he’d have been a hero. But instead, he started putting his hand in Ramona’s face.”

Luann interjected:

“You know Ramona…she was encouraging him [Rey] to stay. ‘Tell me more about Luann.’ Nasty, naughty, and I saw that and was like, you know what? She encouraged this man, who was literally drunk, really not in a good state. And she encouraged him. It was not cool. And John tried to get rid of him…”

Michael kept going.

“You don’t put your hand in a woman’s face. Especially not those dick beaters. His hands. I meant his hands.”

Andy covered his face and laughed. “I know what a dick beater is.”

Talk turns to Luann’s new fiancé. Her kids love him.

“When they see their mother happy, they’re happy.”

Tonight’s poll question saw Bethenny pull ahead at 54%. Andy said, “I think people were sad to see Sonja crying.”

So, how out of control was that party? And would you ever go to a shindig at your dry cleaners? Even for cocktail weenies and cheap wine? 


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