Vicki Gunvalson Reveals The New Man She’s Dating! #RHOC

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Has the OG of the OC found love again? Vicki Gunvalson, star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, has met a new man – let’s just hope he’s better than the last! Here’s what the reality star is saying about him on her Instagram.

They’ve only been dating for a month, but so far she and the mystery man have gone on ten dates. According to Vicki’s hashtags, he’s a politician and retired law enforcement who loves country music. Good news, none of the hashtags say, #hascancer or #hasunpaidchildsupport. Vicki did add #helikesme.

Vicki isn’t wasting time introducing her new man to friends and family, but if it’s okay with you, we’ll just wait until Vicki’s daughter Briana weighs in – since according to Andy Cohen she’s the voice of reason in the family.

Something else about this man, who so far remains nameless, he loves to #send Vicki #flowers.

That’s a first? What about the card a day from Brooks Ayers. At the time Vicki claimed this filled her love tank. #Notsomuch after all.

All we can say is, he can’t be worse than Brooks!


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