How Will Lisa Rinna’s Vulgar & Rude Social Media Behavior Affect Her QVC Appearance? #RHOBH

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Lisa Rinna on QVC RHOBH

Lisa Rinna is at it again — sharing her perspective on life and her outlook on the mindset of mankind.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star loves to score attention by blasting shockers on social media, but she normally waits for the comment sections, to give charming feedback to her followers. This time Rinna is dissing her detractors by the post itself, cutting to the chase.

Rinna has built quite a name for herself, both on the show and on social media. She plummeted from champion to stooge, then morphed into a gutter level pit bull, whenever anyone dared to call her out on social media. She risked her hustle at QVC, by blasting fans of the show as “fat hoarders,” ignoring the obvious demographical concerns. Rinna is set to debut new pieces on QVC — and the Twitter announcement didn’t go over well.

Less than a week stands between Lisa Rinna and her open-palmed reentry into QVC-Land, and how does she schmooze her bruised fans? The Instagram post says it all. Rinna feels no need for apologies or ego boosting explanations. If you don’t understand her — you’re slow, or unable to unravel the complicated depth of her intricate psyche.

Lisa Rinna QVC rhobh

Can someone please remind me when exactly she explained herself? All I remember is arrogant nastiness, inconsistent positions, and running from her blunders, under the guise of “moving on.” Lisa Rinna is indeed the transparently simple one — not the Bravo fans, nor the home shoppers.

How do you think Rinna’s crude presence on social media will affect her sales on QVC? Will only the highly perceptive tune into her hustle, and open their wallets?


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