RECAP: Real Housewives of Dallas — LeeAnne Confronts Marie & Catches Her In A Lie [Season 1, Episode 6]

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We begin this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas with Travis and Stephanie arguing over who’s the better decorator? So to mediate, they’ve hired a professional decorator to help them come up with the concept of a Dallas Cowboys football theme for their son’s room. Seriously? Every kids in Dallas has this type of room, but these two needed a decorator?

Onto Brandi who is very alone in her lonely marriage. Bryan won’t take her calls, and as per usual, he’s gone baby gone. Brandi goes to Marie’s house to teach her daughter how to dance like a stripper Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, by gyrating and thrusting her hips about.

Over at Rich’s house, LeeAnne is telling him that Marie has been psychoanalyzing her behind her back. Things like “LeeAnne always has to be the most important person in the room” and “LeeAnne’s an ‘expert’ at everything.” Rich says to hit a reset button on their friendship, but instead she will probably hit another bottle of wine.


Back with Brandi, the cheer lesson is over and onto the gossiping about LeeAnne. Brandi doesn’t care that she was called a piece of trash who can’t keep her mouth shut – because it’s true – but also, LeeAnne is a bat-shit crazy person who could benefit from therapy. Marie and Brandi have a good laugh over how to properly address elders.

Elsewhere, Cary and Mark are shopping for clothes for Cary to wear so they can update their business website. Their personal shopper points out a white dress, but frankly, Mark doesn’t need a personal shopper – the man was born to shop. He picks out a heavily beaded gown that weighs about 20 pounds. They’ll take it. Mark pressures Cary to try on another dress because he knows better about pretty things, though Cary really looks tired. Isn’t there a shot or surgery Mark can do for that?

Brandi drops by Stephanie’s house to see her child’s typical boy’s room that needed a committee meeting for approval. Brandi is disappointed that her cheerleading picture isn’t on the wall, but likes the blue ball chair – they remind her of her husband. Speaking of Bryan, here are some fun facts: he can bite his toe nails and pick his nose. Hold onto your man, Brandi. Every woman in Dallas is going to want him now.


Stephanie says she was embarrassed that Travis was part of the whole Bryan-was-late-to-the BBQ-thing for her grandfather. Stephanie tells her friend how important communication is, like how Travis leaves her to-do lists, and recommends that Brandi and Bryan drink some Jesus juice and have a come-to-Jesus meeting/date night. Brandi is nervous because Bryan is not good with confrontation. Can’t wait to find out!

Tiffany stops by LeeAnne’s house prior to going over to Marie’s house to confront her about the trash talking. LeeAnne is worried because this will just ruin her charity reputation. Oh, no! Tiffany has printed all the texts out in very large print so the elders can read it and not have brain farts. In front of Marie’s house, they say a quick prayer for His guidance because he has saved their lives so many times. Religion is the bedrock of their rocky friendship.

Marie welcomes LeeAnne and Tiffany into her home, but I’m having trouble paying attention because of this gold-twine bow crawling on the side of Marie’s face like a spider who’s about to spin a web. And speaking of spinning a web, Tiffany begins by telling Marie how much she doesn’t engage in her texts. (Wink, wink) Marie explains her motivation for saying that LeeAnne has the spiritual and emotional maturity of a 14 year-old is because she’s worried about LeeAnne’s welfare, bless her heart.


LeeAnne blames the devil named Brandi, then screams she’s mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. But she’s not having a breakdown. No at all. And she doesn’t need a 5150 psych-hold. No siree. Tiffany places her hand over LeeAnne’s to help her reel it in. Marie apologizes and promises LeeAnne that Brandi has never had a negative thing to say about her. A flashback is shown of Brandi saying negative things so the viewers know they aren’t bat-shit crazy.


It’s time for the trashy photo shoot with Cary and Mark. They are at their friend’s Dallas high-rise where Cary is stripping down and looking stupid, per her husband. This should help his plastic surgery business grow by leaps and butts.

Brandi and her little girls are cooking spaghetti. Brandi doesn’t have help, but boy does she need it – all kinds. She nervously calls her husband, wearing her favorite Jesus Juice sweatshirt, to ask permission to schedule a date night for the two of them when he returns. Bryan agrees, then talks to his daughter who shares she’s been picking her nose – just like dear ole dad.

Out front of Stephanie’s house, she and Brandi decorate Oprah and Gayle, the warrior statues that Travis insisted they place in their front yard, because he is the master…decorator. Stephanie and Brandi aka Thelma and Louise dress up the warriors in green handkerchiefs, neck tutus, and gold Mardi Gras beads. And the warriors look better! Way to keep the neighborhood classy.

It’s time to view the photos for the new plastic surgery website. Mark thinks his wife looks hot and won’t retouch any of them because all of the 39 year-old women will be flocking to his practice now. Cary and Mark kiss and talk about how lucky they are to be married to their best friend. These two aren’t creepy at all. 


Now it’s time to view the decorated little boy’s room. Stephanie’s nervous because it’s not what Travis dictated wanted. But hooray, Travis likes it and commends his wife for a job well done. This room is nice, but nothing phenomenal. Then they show big brother how to place little brother in the drawer and shut it. Children’s Protective Service’s has probably started a file, as we speak.

Bryan is finally home for date night. They go to dinner and start with martinis, but the conversation is flat. Brandi struggles to tell Bryan she wants to communicate better with him and spend more time together. Bryan is checked out. He’s wishing he were back on the private jet, flying off to anywhere but here. When Brandi mentions she’s not getting enough attention, Bryan scoffs, “Seriously?” He says he gives her all the attention of five minutes. Brandi wants more togetherness with the girls. Again Bryan ignores her. When she asks if she did something wrong and starts to cry, Bryan again says, “Seriously?’ Then tosses his napkin on the table, gets up and leaves, announcing, “I’ve had enough. I’m done.” Well, Brandi was right. Bryan is terrible at confrontation.


Tune in next week to see learn if Bryan is really done or just acting like jerk for the cameras.


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