Jenelle Evans Busted For Locking Herself Up & Neglecting Son Jace Amid Heated Custody Battle #TeenMom2

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The gloves came off during last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

Viewers watched Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara, engage in a yelling match with Jenelle’s boyfriend du jour, David Eason. However, the true underlying story sadly exposes a delinquent young mother, who appears to want nothing to do with her children. Viewers witnessed Jace, and Eason’s daughter Maryssa, ignored and vulnerable, while their parents were holed up in the house, behind a locked bedroom door. Barbara’s blaring arrival  could have actually been a lifesaver.

The scene was nothing short of crazy, and resulted in the cops being called on the only person who brought sanity to the unbelievable spectacle. In a scene supposedly shot the previous day, viewers hear Jenelle complain of her mother not allowing her to have Jace as often as she would like, and of her desire to enjoy more time with her seven-year-old. Her narration doesn’t match the footage shot with her son, which shows Jenelle complaining  about his demands, and pushing the child away.

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The next day, footage reveals the two kids playing on the driveway, next to the street, before jumping to Jenelle, planted on her bed. Barbara arrives for a scheduled outing, only to be greeted by two neglected children, and her daughter’s refusal to open the door to her bedroom. The kids cite Jenelle’s all day “sleeping” habits, as MTV brings us back to 16 and Pregnant flashback cries of “Leave me alooooone.”

Babs smells a rat, and protests until David emerges, carrying Kaiser, again locking the bedroom door. Barbara blasts David for being an MTV freeloader, and David fires back, claiming that the children in the home are HIS kids. Eason accuses Barbara of being abusive, while Babs points out that she is the grandmother of two of the children, and that Kaiser is NOT his—but Nathan Griffith’s son. Barbara cites a domestic violence charge linked to Eason, which he vehemently denies. Eason was arrested and charged with violating a domestic protective order, on March 28th. 

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Eason calls the cops, who he carefully keeps on the porch, and out of the house. Barbara takes Jace and his cousin, and leaves peacefully. MTV filmed Jenelle leaning listlessly against a wall during the upheaval, but she explained her actions differently, on Twitter.

We sit in on a phone call between Jenelle and Barbara during the drive home, where we hear Jenelle try to sell that she didn’t want to “deal with” or talk to her mother. Jenelle whines that their conversations always “ruin” her day. Jenelle later busts herself, when she cites the planned lunch date, on Twitter.

Barbara notes concern about unhealthy changes in Jenelle—ones that can’t be remedied by a “low-carb diet,” or a “vigorous workout.” Jace later spilled the tea to his grandmother, sharing a seven year old’s perspective on his mother’s disturbing patterns.

“They’re [Jenelle and David] are always in the room. They are always complaining about me being there.”

Jenelle responded to her son’s accusations, on Twitter.

Sorry Jenelle—But America just witnessed EXACTLY what your son described. Fans chimed in on Twitter, sharing thoughts about the suspicious ruckus.

Last night’s episode felt like the scary old days, and I hope that Nathan Griffith’s lawyer is taking notes. Jenelle Evans and motherhood, just don’t mix.


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