Kenya Moore Dishes On The Status Of Moore Manor, Pregnancy Rumors and Her Relationship #RHOA

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Kenya Moore and Wendi McLendon-Covey joined Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse on Sunday night.

First, Andy replayed clips from Shahs of Sunset. Sherman’s game is seriously lacking. He mocked his date’s Australian accent, then he chided her for not putting up with his bullshit. Finally, they called an end to the evening, putting us all out of our misery.

Kenya updates us on what’s happening in Atlanta. She and Matt are still together. She’s moved into Moore Manor, but Sheree Whitfield still hasn’t unpacked at the Chateau.

When Kim Fields announced that she was not coming back on the show, Kenya offered to toast the happy news.

As far as the rumors swirling around Cynthia and Peter’s marriage, Kenya admits they still have issues.

And she hasn’t seen Nene’s touring comedy show.

“I was invited, but it was like three hours away in North Carolina or someplace, but I plan on seeing the show.”

Wendi is a Bravo superfan. She gave her take on recent storylines, saying whether she’s McLovin’ it or McHatin’ it.

Ramona trashing John in front of Dorinda: “Ramona should know better.”

Sonja’s new Tipsy Girl booze line:  “I’m McHatin’ it. In other news, I’ve got a new song called “Don’t Be Late for the Party.”

Luann and Sonja living together: “I’m McLovin’ all the McShenanigans that are going to go on and I think there should be cameras in that house 24/7. That’s your show.”

Ramona shunning Sonja for drinking too much: “Ohhhhhh! McIrony! I’m lovin’ that she said it.”

John and Dorinda’s relationship: “I’m McHatin’ it. And I think she McHates him.”

Next, both ladies weighed in on various Bravo relationships.

On Real Housewives of Dallas, Brandi’s husband got upset when she went to a strip club.

Wendi: “Strip clubs are the skeeviest things ever. It’s like, naked clowns. It’s not sexy. So let her live. She had a little fun on camera. I really didn’t think there was anything that was going to happen there.”

Kenya: “I think it was harmless.”

Carole dating Adam.

Kenya: “Go for it.”

Wendi: “Good for you, Carole.”

Mike and Jessica from Shahs have separated.

Wendi: “Well, at least they’ll always have that $100,000 photo album. Not setting yourself up for failure there.”

On Yolanda and David divorcing.

Kenya: “It seems so out of the blue, like you never really saw it unfold on the show, so I felt cheated that I didn’t see the process.”

Ramona, Sonja, and Luann serial dating

Wendi: “Get that HPV inoculation. Take care of the “kill window.” She gestured at her crotch.

A caller asked Kenya when she thinks Matt will pop the question.

“Well, since he’s in the audience, I can’t really answer that. I don’t know.”

Andy assumed Kenya wasn’t pregnant since she was drinking, but she quickly assured him she was only sipping water.

“You’ll just have to wait, like everyone else.”

Who, in Wendi’s opinion, is responsible for staring the Munchhausen drama?

“Doesn’t it sound like there was some unnamed person whispering in someone’s ear? I don’t know, look, all I know is Munchhausen? Really?! I’m sick of hearing that word.”

Michael Rapaport will be on later this week. Andy asked about the Twitter feud Kenya had with him.

“I don’t play with other queens on Twitter. No. I just shut him down, basically. He has too much time on his hands.”

So do you think Kenya and Matt will spend next season planning a wedding? And what about those pregnancy rumors? True or False?


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