Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward Are Having a Baby #FlippingOut

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Jeff Lewis

First comes love, then comes the surrogate, then comes marriage, maybe. That’s how Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward, stars of Flipping Out, roll!

The couple is excited to announce they will be bringing home a baby girl later this fall via surrogate. Imagine how awesome her room will be!

Jeff revealed to People, “We are very excited, but I’m also a little terrified. I’m trying to decide if I’m more terrified or excited, but I think it’s normal.”

Last season, we met the surrogate as we continued to follow the couple’s journey to start a family. In years past, Jeff and Gage considered adoption, however, after several unsuccessful attempts and what Jeff called “every horror story known to man” the couple decided to pursue surrogacy.

“This has been a three or four year process for us,” Jeff explained. “There were so many obstacles along the way, but there’s a happy ending. I can’t tell you how grateful and appreciative we are.” 

Last December, Jeff and Gage shared a holiday card announcing that six embryos had successfully been conceived, however, since then, only one of the embryos took and now a baby girl will be joining the Flipping Out family. So how will her room be decorated?

“We’re going to end up redoing this little girl’s room like a hundred times,” Jeff said. “But right now, I want just a really soft, soothing, calm room, especially with all the drama and activity around here, I just want this room to be like a sanctuary for her.” 

We’ll get to see even more of how Jeff and Gage get ready for their new arrival when Season 9 of Flipping Out returns this summer.


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