8 Reasons ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Needs Lisa Vanderpump To Stay #RHOBH

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As we wave goodbye to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the biggest question asks — who is in and who is out?

Lisa Vanderpump was thrown into the Bravo bully-ring, and as the dust settles from the reunion from hell, the reality queen now has to decide if her end-game is worth the jealous thrashings. Some protectors want the fan favorite to stick it to Andy Cohen, and back away — others can’t imagine Bravo without their rosy favorite. I personally hope that Lisa stays — for several reasons.

The British Way

What would we do without her “dahhhlings” and her running “at” and “all” together into those pert “atalls?” Lisa can snark and even jab a little — but it always sounds classy, delivered with that British lilt.

The Visuals

The gorgeous Vanderpump/Todd home, complete with swans, ponies, glitz and glamour, allows fans a scrumptious escape. Kyle Richards’ Resnick-designed closet just isn’t going to cut it! Ken and Lisa’s closet-gossip sessions have become amusingly anticipated scenes.

A Cup Of Tea

No more luxurious luncheons, pretty tea parties, and garden suppers, dripping with flowers? Say it isn’t so! Fans want to keep their invitations to Lisa’s fabulous gatherings — even if it’s just for a cup of tea, in her beautiful, pink trimmed yard.

The Laughs

Lisa’s quick sense of humor stands alone. Lisa never fails to invite a smile or naughty giggle — while the rest of the cast can only grasp at such snarky prowess. Lisa offers the intelligent viewer subtlety, and a humorous edge that no other Housewife can even hope to duplicate.   

Naughty Naughty

We all know that Bravo loves a little raunch. Just as certain others have demonstrated how to drag the 9o210 into the ghetto gutter, Lisa is able to deliver a naughty edge, without changing zip codes.

Heart Spotlights

Bravo allows Lisa to call attention to the causes that move her heart. People and animals alike, benefit when Lisa is in their  corner. Lisa probably takes this point most to heart, as she reviews the season, and decides her reality future.

Hysterics Managed

Lisa doesn’t have the time or desire to engage in petty, hysterical nonsense. Lisa elevates teeny-bopper dialogue to relatable adult exchanges. Lisa drags the viewer out of the bitchy hallways of high school, and into the land of a busy wife, loving mother, and wealthy career woman. 

Reality Pro

Lisa plays the reality game like no one else. Her personality and natural style manages the task effortlessly, and with pizazz. The other ladies should be happy to be “sniped from the side,” because when Lisa takes notice — viewers cheer.

Vanderpump gives us a dose of why we love her, in response to a fan offering her some All About the Tea poster encouragement.


Lisa updates her fans on her thoughts about a Season 7 on RHOBH.

Do you think Lisa Vanderpump will stick around, and give us another season of Vander-fabulous? 


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