Is Luann de Lesseps Sucking Up To Bethenny Frankel Because She’s Successful? #RHONY

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Luann de Lesseps is a conundrum. She always has been. On the one hand, she wants to be seen as a charitable New York socialite with a title under her belt. But in reality, she likes to drink and party and flirt and have sex with randoms. She can definitely be a mean girl, but then sometimes she’ll show her soft spot, and I can forgive her. So is she a vulnerable human being or a faux aristocratic robot? She’s both, and that’s why watching her on the Real Housewives of New York is so fascinating. I never know which Luann will show up.

This week, we saw the sensitive side of Luann.

“Was I lonely at times this summer? Yes! I had to adjust to changing my large New York City apartment to a smaller one because Noel went off to college. It’s tough having your last child leave the nest. You’d think Bethenny would have realized this and been a little kinder and more inclusive.”

Luann showed up at Ramona Singer’s birthday party and gave her a necklace that, according to Ramona, Luann had given her months before, but the clasp was broken. Luann has her own version.

Ramona’s birthday party became a birthday bashing at least for me anyway! I gave Ramona a necklace from The Countess Collection that I wanted to give her a couple of months ago, but it wasn’t in production. A gift is a gift. How rude. This does not qualify as a re-gift. Her Ramemory fails her again.”

To Bethenny, Luann gave an engraved Falchi bag. Since she handed it to her in front of Ramona, whose birthday they were celebrating, it was a little tacky. It seems like Luann is desperate for Bethenny’s friendship.

“Obviously Bethenny wasn’t feeling the love, and she was still mad about a party that happened four months ago. The hula-hoop was just a fun gift I brought to break the ice and I thought her daughter would have fun with it.”

As far as Bethenny and newbie, Jules Wainstein are concerned, Luann was glad the two made up.

“…Jules’ charming honesty that won the day. She hit a soft spot within Bethenny when she shared that she struggles with an eating disorder as did Bethenny’s mother. Again, when Bethenny allows herself to be vulnerable, she’s very real and sympathetic. She had a tough upbringing and sometimes she pushes people away instead of letting them in.”

Luann stayed with Sonja Morgan while looking for an apartment. I imagine them dressed in their peignoir sets, drinking late into the night and prank calling old boyfriends, like two middle-aged teenagers.

I think Ramona might be a little jealous that Luann and Sonja are bunk buddies. According to Ramona, Luann can drink Sonja under the table, even though Sonja does her best to keep up.

“At least Ramona told Sonja to her face that she was concerned about her partying. As for me holding my alcohol better than Sonja, I’m taller so it takes longer to go to my head!”

So do you think Luann is sucking up to Bethenny because she now successful? Which Luann is more genuine, the partier or The Countess?


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