Carole Radziwill Attacks Jules Wainstein In Defense Of BFF Bethenny Frankel #RHONY

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In this week’s blog, Carole Radziwill is in mama bear mode over her girl, Bethenny Frankel.

Having met on the Real Housewives of New York last year, the two are now skinny besties. So when Carole met up with Dorinda Medley and new girl, Jules Wainstein, for dinner and Jules criticized Bethenny, well, it was on!

“I’m going on the record to say, I like Jules…though, that the complaints she rattled off about Bethenny were the very same things she exhibited herself at our dinner. Fast-talking. Opinionated. Rude… She leveled Bethanny with so many passive aggressive digs, she could have used a bulldozer if one had been parked outside her 10,000 square foot home.”

Jules had a myriad of opinions as to why Bethenny was so bitchy at brunch. She’s single, she’s been celibate for six months, she suffers from big house syndrome. Or—and this one pissed Carole off to no end—Bethenny is new money and Jules is old money.

Get your pens and papers, kids, Carole is going to school us.

Old Money is a term used to describe upper-class families possessing inherited wealth over many generations… The idea with new money is that a person is born into one socio-economic class and within her lifetime rises to a higher one. You know, the dream our nation was built on.”

Carole tells us why Jules is full of shit.

“But aside from the fact that no one who is old money actually says they are old money, isn’t Jules the poster child for new money? She talks about money, she drives a giant car, she lives in a house ridiculously large for her small family. And later this season, when we are at a casino, she literally throws piles of one hundred dollar bills down on the table.”

Carole feels a need to defend the fact that she came from a comfortable home and married a wealthy man.

“Like the majority of people in this country, my money is middle-aged — neither old nor new. My parents worked hard, sometimes two jobs, to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I worked to put myself through college. I paid my own bills even when I was married and my husband could have easily paid them.”

Um…I don’t care? I guess some in the social media world might complain about Carole’s life of privilege, but honestly, we don’t watch the Housewives to hear about their humble beginnings. We want to peek inside their closets and watch them go on expensive trips and feel a little jealous that their pets have better accessories than we do.

Carole further defends Bethenny’s sharp tongue and abrasive personality.

“Bethenny is the Sour Patch Kid — sweet and sour at the same time — to Jules’ 100 Grand candy bar. You know, the one with the showy slogan, “That’s Rich!””

Then Carole starts to defend herself. Before Jules showed up, she wanted all the tea Dorinda could spill. And duh, she knew Jules would see it later. They are being filmed, after all.

“…when I say, “Can we be catty for a minute?” to Dorinda at dinner and proceed to say omg about the state of Jules’ house, I know she will hear what I am saying… I had just met Jules, she invited me to her home which had a huge hole in the living room and construction debris everywhere. There was not a cushion in sight. She talked about picking up Mexican workers at the corner gas station.”

Carole feels the need to further explain herself.

“Perhaps Dorinda would have some insight. That is what all of you do, too. It is what social friends do — they discuss mutual social friends when they’re alone with the hope of understanding and getting a bit of insight. Of course, I copped to it right away when Jules arrived. Does this make me a “mean girl”? Not really.”

No, being bitchy at Bethenny’s birthday party and later at Jules’ brunch makes you a mean girl. 

Now that Carole has finally stopped spending valuable blog space harping on Luann de Lesseps, she finally discusses what’s been going on these past few episodes—which mostly involves John and Dorinda.

“…is everyone as sick of all this talk about John as I am? Give that man an apple! Bethenny and Ramona talk about him. Bethenny talks to Dorinda. John talks to Bethenny. Dorinda talks to Ramona. Then Dorinda tells Luann and Sonja that Bethenny and Ramona are talking about him. And it doesn’t stop anytime soon.”

A John-centric season? Please, please say it ain’t so. I don’t want to see Dorinda’s boyfriend become the focal point of the show. I hope for better things. For drunken craziness and insane rants. This is why I watch RHONY.

So do you think Carole needs to defend her actions? What about her upbringing? And why is she so protective of Bethenny? If anyone can take care of themselves, it’s the Skinnygirl.


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