Sonja Morgan Blasts Ramona Singer For Always Stirring The Pot #RHONY

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Ramona and Sonja_RHONY

Sonja “Sexy J” Morgan is a boozy broad who marches to her own beat and she doesn’t care if you like it or not. In the last episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Ramona Singer tried to tell Sonja her drinking habits and over the top flirting were unacceptable. Sonja could not give two shits, people. 

“When Ramona comes over and says she would like to see the carefree “not a worry in the world Sonja again,” it’s laughable. It’s been a long time since I haven’t had to worry. She knows I just wrote a huge check to pay off the movie lawsuit…”

So what happened to these two? They used to be joined at the hip, sharing their love of Pinot and drunkenly dancing the night away. But when Sonja wasn’t invited to Bethenny Frankel’s birthday party, Ramona seemed to take great joy in telling Sonja she’s too wild for Bethenny these days.

“It seems like Ramona now wants to keep me in the past and put me in my place, whatever that is… It’s never OK to shame a friend and say they’re not wanted at a friend’s get together. Bethenny then calls Ramona out. Saying she just hadn’t seen me in months. I knew on the spot that Ramona was lying.”

This wasn’t the first time Ramona’s hit Sonja below the belt. 

“I have known Ramona for so long I don’t know why I should be hurt. She said things in the past that weren’t true, like the bank had possession of my house, and that wasn’t true… I think Ramona should just worry about her reputation. She certainly is a single woman who is out there, and I’m the one who has been apologizing for her behavior for decades. ”

Sonja has put her friendship with Ramona on the backburner for now. Especially since The Countess, Luann de Lesseps, moved into Morgan Manor. She and Sonja are having a great time.

“I’ve been grateful to have the company of Luann. Who knew I would go from Ramonja to LuSonja? Just like that. It’s just Luann and I have so much more in common right now. I’m certainly not going to apologize for two grown women having a good time. Luann is a ton of fun, and Ramona is pretending to be someone else!”

We’ll have to see if alliances have shifted for good. I’m willing to bet Sonja will forgive and forget soon enough. And speaking of forgiveness, Sonja was happy to see that newcomer, Jules Wainstein and Bethenny have finally bonded. 

“I’m really happy Jules shares her eating disorder with Bethenny. Bethenny can be threatening, but she got to see Bethenny‘s soft side, and they bonded. I think Jules can seem arrogant, but she’s young and coming into her own.”

So, do you think Ramona is distancing herself because Sonja is embarrassing or because now that Crazy Eyes is single, she doesn’t need the competition? And what do you make of this truce between Bethenny and Jules? Will it last?


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