‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Is Mercedes “MJ” Javid Jealous of Asa Soltan Rahmati?

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Why is MJ so jealous of Asa?

Mercedes “MJ” Javid, star of Shahs of Sunset, hates preconceived questions or feeling like she’s being cross-examined. The reality star and her mom stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Sunday, and when a caller asked this question about her jealousy, MJ was noticeably put off.

“No, I’m not jealous of Asa, but go on with your question, doll,” MJ interrupted the caller. “You’re not a cross examiner. It is not, ‘Why are you so jealous?’ I don’t like it when people ask me a question with a preconceived [notion]. The thing is, Asa was a complete outsider and we embraced her.”

MJ continued on with her convoluted explanation of how she really feels about Reza Farahan, Asa Soltan, and this question.

“I have to say even though things may appear that way, the bond that I have with Reza is that I helped him come out of the closet, along with many other things, and I’ve never wanted for Reza,” she explained. “I was never f**hagging him. I was always interested in straight men. There would never be a reason, logically or rationally, why I would be jealous. Jealous is a very weak excuse for real emotions. And what happens in nine or 15 episodes is you have to pare it down and chose for yourself. Don’t read that way unless that’s the way you want to read. Me and Reza are good. I’m really irritated by that question.”

When it appeared as if MJ could go on and on, Andy summed it up by saying, “I think she’s saying she’s not jealous.”

Of course, one might think MJ is jealous because of how she went on and on. Tell us what you think.


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