Dorinda Medley Calls Out Fake Friends Who Delight In The “Misfortune & Pain” Of Others! #RHONY

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Dorinda Medley is on a bit of a self-righteous kick this week. She’s still bitter from getting so much flak from the other Real Housewives of New York that she lets loose in her blog. Unfortunately, she mixes her metaphors and comes off as judgmental.

“To these girls, all tireless worker bees, buzzing around the city and their social circles, buzzing, buzzing, buzzing…The ones who aren’t killer bees are killer sharks, and the moment they stop moving, stop preying, stop stinging, they die. No, it’s not because of cameras, it’s because it’s a lifestyle that requires round-the-clock management…”

Dorinda says her time in the hot seat is over…for now. And Jules Wainstein is about to get roasted.

“To be honest, I’m not sure Jules’ lunch with Bethenny was the right time to share something so deep. I thought this was an opportunity for Bethenny to apologize for her behavior… Instead, it was Jules opening up, out of nervousness, sharing her vulnerabilities and intimacies. I think it’s ultimately a mistake, because any sign of weakness is a prime target for any kind of overlord.”

Ah, so Bethenny Frankel is an overlord? I thought Bethenny and Jules came to a mutual understanding. Will it continue throughout the season? Probably not, but for now, they seemed to part on good terms.

Dorinda doesn’t like the way the ladies all congregate and trash talk. Even though she and Luann de Lesseps indulged in spilling the tea themselves during Ramona Singer’s birthday lunch.

“Here’s to the girl who plays wife! Restaurant encounters in which a person is singled out and examined like some sort of awful bacteria in a petri dish so others can take aim and dismantle… No one is perfect, and whoever makes that kind of scrutiny of another’s life and lifestyle their priority or pastime is just out of line and probably a hypocrite.”

Says the woman who’s scrutinizing others.

“Here’s to the girls on the go! Ramona runs her life in yearly cycles. Like last year, we’re back at one of my favorite restaurants, Bistro Chat Noir… this year, my stomach churned as I entered the room. You know when you’ve had time to reflect on something that’s hurt you, and it just makes you more hurt? So many stay stuck in menial bullsh–, doing so much that means so little: expensive clothes, expensive lunches, expensive memberships…”

I feel sad that Dorinda was so hurt by Ramona’s thoughtless words. But this is Ramona we’re talking about. She and Dorinda have been friends for decades. I’m surprised she hasn’t been stung by Singer Stinger a few times over the years.

“This was an opportunity to be gracious, sincere, but convey my point about what “friends” really are — even if it was with Ramona’s 50 closest girlfriends.”

Yikes. Dorinda has claws. Look, I have a hard time with Dorinda claiming to be above it all while taking these passive-aggressive swipes at everyone. And she’s not done yet.

“Quite frankly, I’m bored. Bored of the accusations, the speculation, the bad manners, and the joy with which some react to the misfortunes and pain of another. What happened to a good, supportive friendship?”

If you’re looking for supportive, honey, I’m shocked you’re still friends with Ramona and Luann. If the chips are down, those are not the two ladies I’d call first.

“Here’s to the girls who stay smart! When it comes to your close friendships, whether they’re five or 50, there is often too much history to just throw away over hurt feelings and stupid comments… I still value my relationship with Ramona and consider her a sister, but within that bond, I need her to be my confidant my protector… She knows better now, I think.”

Well, at least Dorinda ended her diatribe on an up note, but I have a feeling there’s more bitterness where that came from. I like Dorinda, but I hope this season won’t be wrapped up in her defending John. I’m over it already.

What do you think — is Dorinda being a hypocrite by taking shots at other ladies? Or do they deserve every barb she sends their way?


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