Lisa Rinna Cozies Up To Kyle Richards & Claims She’s Ready To Move On! #RHOBH

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Lisa Rinna is ready to move on — again. The Real Housewives pf Beverly Hills star has been in a tornado of fans criticism, since the season wrapped.

The Bravo sophomore turned on fan favorite, Lisa Vanderpump, and disparaged her character, during the three part reunion. Rinna has a pattern of announcing her intention to “move on,” whenever the reality fallout gets hot. Rinna appeared on a post-reunion episode of Watch What Happens Live, and had to answer to Andy Cohen, copping to her Instagram meltdown. Rinna was caught raking and insulting the public, during the disturbing incident.

Rinna shared that she wanted to “move on” a month ago, claiming to have  heard the fans “loud and clear.” The only problem was that in reality, viewers  were clamoring for her to answer for her actions, not forget them. No worries — because Rinna lives for attention. In the last four weeks, Rinna’s Instagram account has been peppered with charmers like these.


Rinna tweeted that she was ready to move on again, on Thursday.

So how’s it been going? Judge for yourself.

Rinna is either losing it again, or cozying up to Kyle Richards hard. Kyle stuck with a winner, and hung onto her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump, while riding the fence, with Rinna.

Fan temperature remains tepid around Kyle Richards, but icy cold towards Rinna, and her sudsy ally, Eileen Davidson. Rinna hustled hard to kiss up to Erika Girardi and Yolanda Foster, two cast members who remain extremely unpopular with viewers. Rinna loves sitting in mouthy drama, but may need Kyle to drag her up from where she chose to land.

Does Rinna want to move on, or move UP? 


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