‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 5 SPOILERS: Two Characters Are Set To Die — Find Out Who?

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Fear The Walking Dead returns tonight and the survivors are reeling from the pirate attack, additionally, two characters are set to die tonight!

Last week’s episode dealt with a dangerous hijack of the Abigail by pirates, the consequences of helping more survivors and offered a glimpse into Strand‘s mysterious past. 

Tonight’s episode titled “Captive,” reveals that Conner is the leader of the pirates and scouts out boats which Jack finds on the radar. Alicia and Travis are being held captive on a large ship that’s docked for repairs. Travis sees a familiar face when he spots Alex, however, Alex is angry with Travis

Meanwhile, an important observation is made about knowing everybody’s name. It is likely that Alex has ratted them out. Conner snatched Alicia and Travis because he likes Alicia. Meanwhile, Alicia has some feelings for Jake but she gives more importance to her family.

*Spoiler Alert*

Jack and Reed will die in episode 5 of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2.

At the conclusion of the episode, all the Abigail survivors survive the attack but things are rocky. 

Meanwhile, the AMC promo shows Madison confronting Strand about sending Nick on errands. Strand acts like he doesn’t know anything. “Your son offered his assistance,” Strand clarifies. “Alone? In the dark?” Madison asks him. She taking a stand to not endanger Nick.

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