Kathryn Edwards Feels Her Costars Unfairly Judge Lisa Vanderpump By Their Own Communication Style #RHOBH

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Kathryn Edwards on WWHL_RHOBH

After her first season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathryn Edwards reflects and tries to see everyone in a good light. I kind of like that about her. The whole show was Lyme-jacked by Yolanda Hadid and talk of the M-word. I’d like to see what Kathryn is like without all of that nonsense.

In her blog, she talks about the season and gives us her take on the queen of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump.

“When Lisa V. shared her story about being abused by a former boyfriend many years ago, she teared up and became vulnerable…the other women didn’t think she had these types of emotions. I’ve had conversations with Lisa V. on several occasions where she has been very open and vulnerable and it may be assumptive to say, but I think I get her. I understand her English demeanor…”

Kathryn thinks the other ladies need to stop judging LVP based on their own way of communicating.

“If I may say, through my travels and through my close friendships with people from other countries and cultures, our American way of expressing ourselves and sharing of oneself is quite different from the way Europeans, Asians, South Americans, etc. do… It seems as though we gage and can possibly judge other people based on what they show us…”

Kathryn even gives Eileen Davidson the benefit of the doubt.

“When Eileen said that she feels as though she turned into the bitch and that she never wanted to be that, I believe her. I don’t think Eileen ever wanted to start a war with Lisa V. but attempt, after attempt to get an apology and then the lack of the apology morphed into a much greater offense… it just felt like a stern browbeating.”

She feels hurt by Erika’s shame game.

“I never went to Lisa V.s house with “intent.”… There were other things Erika said that I didn’t repeat but were seen in the episode… I must say I was hurt and disappointed by the way she talked about me in her interviews. Those were very harsh, hurtful words in my opinion and I would never say them about someone I have a friendship with.”

Kathryn admits to making some missteps this year.

“I will take full blame for my bad judgement and actions as to the way I handled the situation. It was a poor choice made on my part, and I own it. I wish I would have made other choices, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20, and ultimately I paid a dear price for what felt like a misdemeanor that turned into a felony.”

Ultimately, she and Erika have moved on.

“Most importantly, Erika and I put it back together, we laughed and had fun.”

Kathryn had nothing to say about Yolanda or Lisa Rinna. Thank God. But she did give Andy Cohen props.

“I have to say that I really liked the way Andy ended it by asking us to say one word about the person to our right. We all found something nice to say and the words rang true to each woman’s character. I was happy to hear the word “sweetness” that Erika chose for me. It really is who I am, most of the time.”

Bravo was obviously hoping to capitalize on the O.J. thing by bringing Kathryn and Faye Resnick together, but the fireworks didn’t happen. So do you think she’ll be back next season?


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