Jenelle Evans’ Mom Barbara Uses Tinder To Find Dates #TeenMom2

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Barbara Evans_Teen Mom 2

Have crazy amounts of time on your hands and looking for something to watch? How about the new webisode A Bae for Babs.

Barbara Evans is Babs and mom to Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans. You may remember her from all the fighting these two do. Apparently the producers of TM2 thought it would be fun to help Bab’s find a new man through Tinder. A source says,

“The producers helped her meet the guys. They got the Tinder when they were filming the webisodes to find guys. She hated Tinder.”

Spoiler alert! The insider claims that Babs is still single. Perhaps her heart is still pining for ex-boyfriend Mike from previous seasons. The two broke up over issues. What were those issues?

Babs was engaged to Mike for about six years,” the source tells Radar. “They broke up like a year and a half ago because they didn’t get along and they argued a lot.”

Mike has reportedly left North Carolina and returned to Pennsylvania since breaking up with Babs. As for the dating show, an insiders says that Jenelle has yet to watch the show, but is “very happy about the whole thing.”

The good news is, Jenelle and her mom have “reached a truce” after years of not getting along, says the insider. Check out the webisodes below.


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