RECAP: Little Women L.A. Reunion Part 2 —More of Matt’s Cheating Scandal Is Exposed [Season 4]

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LWLA Reunion Season 4

We return to Little Women: LA Reunion mid walk out by Matt who doesn’t want to stick around and man up for his grotesque text messages to other women. Moderator Kevin Frazier tells Matt the he needs to stay and take his medicine for humiliating his wife in front of all the world. Please let the medicine be an enema! A producer assures the couple they’ll keep it clean.

They go over a couple of boring texts, one saying, “my relationship is dead.” Next “Clyde tattoo for life.” Kevin points out that some of these vulgar texts occurred when Matt and Briana claimed everything was wonderful in their relationship. Briana says she’s read the vulgar texts and they made her question her value and worth. Terra questions how many times Matt will do this to make Briana end it with him. Matt explains that he may be an effed up husband, but he’s a great father – just ask the kids in Seattle whom he abandoned.

A sneak peak of Matt and Briana’s new special about their messed up relationship is shown. My question is, what idiot executive thought this would be a good show? Jasmine is pissed off that she gave Matt a chance and he’s continuing to hurt Briana. Briana says she doesn’t want to hurt anymore. The other little women each say when Briana hurts, they hurt, but they don’t want to be around “it” anymore. Briana says right now only Christy has been there for her – completely forgetting about all the times Jasmine has reached out.

Elena feels that Briana has the right to figure things out. Briana wants to believe that Matt can be faithful, but actions speak louder than words. Before Matt leaves, he tells Jasmine he’s sorry and thanks Christy for being there – as for the rest – he doesn’t care. Goodbye, loser!

We move onto #glassgate. Flashbacks are shown of Christy and Terra’s up and down friendship. Kevin asks Terra what happened. She explained the reason the iced-tea hit the hat is because Christy said she had to force Terra and Tonya to go to Cancun. Three different angles are shown of the altercation at once. Christy threw the first “plastic” glass. Then another. Kevin asks Christy if this is also assault. Christy says she truly had a concussion and they can call Cedars Sinai – obviously they can’t because of HIPPA laws. Terra says she and Christy will never be friends again.

Up next, they bring out Dawn from NY, the woman who convinced Christy to file charges. Christy was told by doctors she had “acute concussion syndrome.” The producers asked Christy to bring the mesh hat to the reunion, but Christy didn’t per her lawyer’s instructions. Everyone starts yelling at once and Kevin feels like he’s in the middle of a wrestling match. After Dawn watches the video and learns that Terra didn’t throw the first glass like Christy claimed, she is still on Christy’s side. More yelling ensues and ensues and ensues.

A clip is shown of the new season of Little Women: NY where Terra visits and chucks a beer bottle across the room into a door when Lila tries to throw Terra out of her house. Dawn had to duck out of the way of the beer bottle. Terra says Jason invited her there, but Lila clearly doesn’t want her there. Terra won’t admit that her behavior is out of control. Back to #glassgate – Christy says she didn’t call TMZ. Mmm-hmm. No one will admit to this. As far as charges go, Terra says they have been dismissed. And they argue about this. Bottom line: the DA dismissed the charges.

More sneak peaks are shown of Ride or Die: Matt & Briana. Snooze fest. The husbands are now there except for Joe. He was there, but it took too long and he left with their baby. A clip is shown of Joe and Todd’s reaction to #glassgate. Todd’s not sure if he had to do it over again, if he would press charges again. He’s not a lawyer. Or a man with a clue. Todd says he doesn’t have a problem with Joe and this does not make Christy happy. Joe has called Christy “Crusty” on Twitter.

Next up is Jasmine’s husband, Chris, who says that if it’s meant to be they will get pregnant. Fan favorite, Preston, says he’s as ready as he’s going to be for his twin boys. Matt reached out to the husbands about the sexting scandal. Chris said Matt called to explain his past. Chris thinks Matt was absolutely wrong and is sick. Preston says Matt has issues. Todd says hopefully Matt gets fixed. Like a dog! Kevin asks Chris if he thinks Matt and Briana should stay together. Chris is on the fence. Todd says it’s not black in white, its sick shades of gray. Preston says it’s about Briana’s happiness and so he’s leaning toward yes if this makes Briana happy. Matt says he agrees with the guys, it’s on him.

More clips are shown of the Ride or Die special. Terra had no idea about this special, but thinks it’s great and thinks the viewers will want to know. Briana says she agreed to this because she needed the money it’s already out there. Kevin asks where Matt will go tonight. Briana says to a hotel, but they will decide later where he resides. Kevin announces that Little Women: LA has been renewed for a 5th season.

This season is now over. Tell us your thoughts on Season 4 and if you’ll tune in for Matt and Briana’s show, Ride or Die.


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