Corey Simms Files For Primary Custody of His Twin Daughters Again! #TeenMom2

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More Teen Mom 2 baby-mama drama!

Teen Mom 2 star, Leah Messer‘s ex-husband, Corey Simms, has officially filed for primary custody of his twin daughters – again! 

Last year, Leah Messer won joint custody of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, 6, after a court hearing with Simms.

On Monday night’s episode, Simms noted that Leah’s parenting had improved but if she started to backslide again, he would re-start the custody battle.

Corey filed these papers. He turned around and filed an injunction to be the primary custodian,” Messer said in the Teen Mom 2 preview clip “I spoke to him after the hearing, and everything went great! You know, we were actually kind of communicating, and thought that we were going to be able to co-parent the way we used to.”

Simms re-filed because West Virginia law does not recognize joint custodian and because Ali and Aleeah’s school is located in Corey’s district.

“Today I get his objection that West Virginia law does not recognize joint custodian. Who cares? Why are you making a big deal out of nothing?” Leah says to her sister. “I know plenty of parents that’s done joint custodian. You know, to be civil…I mean, if you’re both good parents, then there should be nothing wrong. And then he says that he should be the primary custodian because they live — or, they go to school in his district and whatever else.”

The 24-year-old mom blasted her ex for putting the family through another court hearing.

“I don’t care if he takes another breath,” she fired. “All I can do is fight against it.”

Leah exhibits moments of solid parenting, but they are intermingled with obnoxious, self-serving jabs at the new custody agreement. Viewers witnessed, Leah unable to get her twin girls to school on time. She also came under fire when she refused to feed her daughters breakfast before school. The girls are given 15-minutes to get ready, leaving the viewer to assume that the school is covering breakfast. Leah is later seen arriving at Ali’s chorus rehearsal, rushing in from her car, only to rush back, obviously forgetting that her third daughter, Adalynn, is in the back seat. She arrives late, after the class is underway. In addition, MTV cameras caught Leah picking up her twins for her weekend and texting while driving. 

Corey still comes across as the infinitely more fit parent — without even trying.

Stay tuned as this story develops.


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