Desperate! Lisa Rinna Mocks Lisa Vanderpump Amid Intense Reunion Fallout #RHOBH

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Lisa Vanderpump was dragged hard during the final installment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Lisa Rinna’s entrenchment in the Munchausen debate was handled with kid gloves, while Vanderpump was raked over the coals over and over. Rinna has proven herself an unstable online presence since the reunion filmed, and she is well aware of the bashing she is taking on social media. Fans are outraged at the unbalanced reunion dialogue, and at a host and cast members with obvious agendas. Lisa Vanderpump tweeted her response the the disgusting spectacle, last night.

Rinna strangely tweeted her thoughts into Vanderpump’s template, in an apparent mockery of the fan favorite’s tweet.

Passionate fans responded instantly to the tweet, blasting either an oddly pathetic, or seriously off-the-rails attempt to ride the coattails of the queen of Bravo.

The delusion is real, with the mouthy hustler who believes that she can sell anything. Fans aren’t buying it — and Lisa Rinna should try something new — and just stay quiet. 


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