Lisa Rinna Dishes On Her Vulgar Instagram Rant & Responds to Viewer Grievances #RHOBH

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Lisa Rinna from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and chef, Ben Robinson, from Below Deck joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse for Watch What Happens Live. Rinna was rocking a new hairdo that looked remarkably similar to Ben’s.

Andy acknowledged that viewers are pissed at Rinna. He named different instances, and asked her to comment.

On being a shit stirrer to secure her place next season:

“I could care less whether I have a part on the show next season. I’m there to do my job, baby…to be there and be authentic and to be real and to react to what’s going on in the moment.”

Acting like a victim of Lisa Vanderpump instead of taking responsibility for her own actions.

“100% agree with that. I did take responsibility, but I also believe there’s bullshit. LVP finally needs to take her part in it.”

The drama Rinna reacted to happened off camera. Wasn’t that convenient?

“Well, there’s Kyle, isn’t there? She [LVP] told her side of the story. I told my side of the story. That’s where she’s very clever. She does it off camera.”

Rinna didn’t own her behavior toward Kim.

“I think that Kim’s behavior last year was pretty outrageous. I don’t think there’s a double standard. I just wanted to move on.”

Andy didn’t let it go. Yes, Rinna wanted to move on, but she didn’t want to take responsibility for the stuff she said.

“No, I just didn’t want to get into it with her, to be honest. I prefer to do it off camera with Kim Richards. I didn’t feel that was the place for it. I totally own what I said. I don’t think it was right. Some of the things I said were wrong. I don’t agree with it. Absolutely.”

Tonight on Below Deck Mediterranean, the guests didn’t appreciate Ben’s Moussaka.

“You sell dishes with stories. And Hannah really screwed it up. She didn’t sell it. Moussaka was actually on their preference sheet.”

A caller wanted to know if Ben and Kate ever hooked up? What about Kate’s new girlfriend?

“We were friends and sometimes it became beneficial. And the weekend got out of hand. The lady pond? I’m happy for her. And I have met Ro…she’s a pro athlete, a soccer player. Wonderful person.”

Why was Rinna so angry that Yolanda Hadid had lunch with Brandi and Kim, then dissed Erika’s dinner party? It had nothing to do with Rinna.

“Oh for God’s sakes. I liken it to this: it’s like a board meeting and we have a new board member. The new board member is your best friend. So you show up at the board meeting for your best friend. And she didn’t show up at the board meeting for your best friend. I care because I care. Because it’s my opinion that she should have been there, and she chooses to go elsewhere. And she knows that her energy is only so much. I cared. Who cares if I cared?”

For Ben, how does Cpt. Mark compare to Cpt. Lee?

“Well, they’re both quite similar. Cpt. Lee is a little more outspoken…whereas Cpt. Mark, he kind of keeps to himself. I love them both.”

Rinna went on an Instagram rant.

“Did I? Oh, I did, yeah. I had a moment, which again, every once in a while you do snap. And I tell everyone ‘don’t do that’, and then I did it. But it was to the haters and trolls only. I addressed it, not to anyone in particular. It was not for a Real Housewife [sic] of Beverly Hills fan, who I love and adore. It was to haters and trolls. And if you’re going to come on my Instagram, I can say whatever I want. And I did have myself a little rant. Yes, I did. Double snap.”

And what is Rinna’s current relationship with LVP?

“I haven’t spoken with her, actually. So, I don’t know what it would be. I saw her at the reunion, that was the last time, and there was a moment at the reunion, but you didn’t see it. A good one.”

Why did Rinna pull out phone records? What did that prove?

“Well, it proved that she called me. At Malibu Cafe, Lisa says ‘I never call you’, so I just went here. Here’s a phone record right here. Those are the calls. People didn’t believe me…I wanted proof. If you’re going to say you didn’t call me, I’ll show you that you did.”

From Below Deck, is Eddie still with his girlfriend or did all the drama with Rocky last season screw up his relationship? Ben’s hopeful. 

“I actually think that they are still together. That was one of the reasons he didn’t really come back. He’s trying to domesticate himself a little bit.”

Can Rinna maintain a friendship with Kyle, knowing how close she is to LVP?

“That’s an interesting question. You know, Kyle and I have our own relationship and I do think I can, absolutely. I’ve seen Kyle a couple of times already since we stopped filming. The answer would be yes.”

Wasn’t Rinna become manipulative by getting Eileen Davidson so involved in the drama?

“You know, I’m going to say no to that. I did encourage her to go to LVP and be honest with her. So, I did start that, yes I did.”

Andy vowed to retire the word “Munchhausen” forever. It was said 80 times this season.

And there you have it. The F reunion is over. Finally. I feel like Vanderpump must have PTSD after that fiasco. What’s your take?


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