Carole Radziwill Rips Luann de Lesseps’ Character To Shreds “The Housewife Narcissist” #RHONY

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I think Carole Radziwill has a legit beef with Luann de Lesseps. Last season on the Real Housewives of New York, Luann said some pretty shitty stuff, but Carole’s hands aren’t as clean as she’d like us to believe. Who remembers that crazy Twitter war? They both said mean things. Did Carole go as deep as Luann? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, I don’t want to spend this entire season listening to Carole rehash it. She has her opinion, and God bless, but please, don’t make the rest of suffer through another Eileen Davidson grudge-fest, I beg of you.

Carole’s blog this week has very little to do with the show and everything to do with her antipathy toward Luann.

“‘Move on,’ says the woman who still calls herself a Countess more than a half-decade after her marriage ended. If she was going for comedy, I’d laugh. Really, I would. We’d all laugh, but she isn’t.”

Oh, boy. Here we go with the haterade.

“Housewives who behave so appallingly all they can do is say they are moving on, preferably in a place where everyone can hear them. To stay put and acknowledge that their actions have consequences and to accept responsibility is simply too painful for this particular brand of narcissist. And not only do they say they’ve moved on, they actually brag about it.”

Okay, very good. But Carole willing to leave it at that? Hell to the no! She must now expound and dissect Luann’s character.

“The Housewife Narcissist” is committed to her superficiality. She banks on her ability to scratch her surface and see only more surface. THN doesn’t live in the past — for her there is no past because you are accountable for your past… THN has a lifetime of experience running from one relationship to the next, one friend to another. Running from taking responsibility for what they do and what they say without ever looking back to witness the destruction they leave in their wake.”

Carole was especially hurt by this:

“Who calls a friend a pedophile — after making light of her having no children -– who continues with a list of misogynistic bullshit and then moves on without a modicum of regret or apology…until the very day, eight months later, when the cameras were turned back on and suddenly THN was chasing me around a birthday party with a hula-hoop asking me to move on with her.”

Remember Carole, forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.

“Thing is, I had moved on, long ago. I didn’t need her apology but I couldn’t believe she didn’t give one. Unlike THN, I live in the real world where it’s impossible to accept an imaginary apology.”

Yeah, right. A show of hands—how many people believe Carole has moved on? No one? Bueller? 

So, do you think Carole should suffer in silence or is she right to keep raking Luann over the coals?   


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