Lost Files: Kim Richards Calls Out Yolanda Hadid For Using Lyme Disease As An Excuse — Friendship Triggered by Fear? #RHOBH

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The sixth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills officially wraps Tuesday night. Bravo will undoubtedly rehash the debate asking who is responsible for Yolanda’s “journey” veering into accusations of mental illness. The story has been beaten into the 90210 pavement, and is rooted in Yolanda’s tireless attention mongering, on social media. Before Lisa Rinna crossed over to the dark side, she sharply accused Yolanda of using her disease to manipulate others, as well as her reality landscape.

It may surprise some to learn that Kim Richards beat Rinna to it—by three seasons. Richards was the first one to astutely nail Yolanda Foster, for using her disease, to mold and shape her reality. A look back at the Season 3 reunion, Yolanda’s first dance on the Bravo couches, reveals Yolanda scoffing at Kim’s struggle with sobriety.

Yolanda’s know-it-all attitude triggered Kim to accurately slam Yolanda, where it hurt her the most. It’s worth mentioning that at this point, Yolanda was beginning to reveal her supposed brain-numbing Lyme disease, while assuring us all that her memory was as sharp as a tack. Ironically, the biggest wreck on Bravo’s Beverly Hills, was the very first to pick up on Yolanda’s shtick.


Be sure to note Yolanda’s expression when she warns Kim, “Don’t bring my disease in here sweetheart.” Foreshadowing at it’s finest.

Could this exchange have been a pivotal moment between Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster? Yolanda was well aware of Kim’s instability. Could this early flash of sharp insight have triggered Yolanda to keep such an unpredictable mouthpiece comfy-close?

Season 6 reveals Yolanda defending her new disciple, as a woman in pain, not a careening junkie, with an unreliable memory. Kim is now cited as one of Yolanda’s beloved supporting cheerleaders. Wonder why?

Just a little flashback, and food for thought, as we wrap up the madness. See you at Part 3!


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