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EXCLUSIVE: Former ‘Sister Wives’ Friend Kendra Pollard-Parra Blasts Robyn Brown With Tax Fraud Accusation

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Sister Wives is set to premiere this Sunday, when viewers will catch up with the Browns, as they exist in a post-catfish scandal reality.

While the ruckus seems to have quieted on the cul-de-sac, discord between key side-players in the drama continues. A Brown insider has come forward, to dish about a current financial squabble between Robyn Brown, and the sometimes cryptic Kendra Pollard-Parra.

Kendra played an odd role during Meri Brown’s catfish affair scandal, publicly siding with “Sam Cooper,” aka Jackie Overton, rather than claiming allegiance to the Browns. Pollard-Parra was once involved in the Browns’ online boutique, ‘Sister Wives Closet,’ and has appeared on the TLC show.

According to our source, Robyn Brown and Kendra are embroiled in a tax disagreement, rooted in Kendra’s connection with ‘Sister Wives Closet.’ The insider dishes,

“Two years ago, Kendra designed t-shirts for Sister Wives Closet, and had a friend’s t-shirt company, fill the order. Robyn now claims the $25,400 she sent to Kendra was part of Kendra’s income, and did not include paying for the t-shirt orders. Kendra received the tax bill in early April, which lit off an email war between the two.”

The snitch explains that the fight revolves around the tax bill, which landed on Pollard-Parra. Pollard-Parra blasted Robyn  alleging tax fraud.

Robyn has not paid Kendra in full, because she claims that she doesn’t have the money. Robyn is trying to write off the t-shirt order for her own business taxes. The bottom line is that Kendra is stuck paying the bill.”

Pollard-Parra remains a mouthy presence, as the Browns and TLC seek to weather the post-affair fallout. Robyn and Kendra used to be friends — but as the season takes off, I don’t think that anyone should expect cheers from Kendra’s corner.


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