Jules Wainstein Addresses Bethenny Frankel’s “Hurtful” Remarks Said Behind Her Back #RHONY

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Jules Wainstein, the newest and youngest on the Real Housewives of New York doesn’t have much to say in her blog this week. Like why she wants to build a pool in the middle of her living room. Imagine the humidity and waking every morning to the smell of chlorine. It’s odd, no? 

Anyhoodle, when they attended Bethenny Frankel’s birthday party in the Hamptons, they were expecting a fun tailgating theme. What they got was a whole mess of bad feelings and awkward vibes.

“The party was very well done, every “I” was dotted and every “T” crossed, yet the energy was off. The tension was high, and it was hard to relax and enjoy. The one good thing, though, is that I got to meet Luann for the first time! She is absolutely lovely, fun, warm and welcoming. I loved my first impression of her–she was nothing but sweetness.”

Oh, Jules, you adorable little nutter. Luann is many things, but sweet has never been one of them. Either our newbie is choosing sides or is easily bamboozled.

Now, onto the equally strange and uncomfortable brunch Jules hosted at her construction site the next day.

“…I did want to invite my new friends to my home for a casual brunch. I even made a joke for everyone to bring their “hard hats.” I couldn’t imagine why anyone would care. The house is a big project, but we are enjoying the process of building it and feel very blessed.”

Bethenny didn’t like having to drive forty-five minutes out to BFE to get to Jules’ house, and she wasn’t happy John was playing doorman. Carole Radziwill, B.’s sidekick, didn’t want to see Luann or her hookup from the night before. So needless to say, the gals beat feet after shoveling down their food like a couple of farmhands. Jules wished the ladies would have lingered over lox.

“I was disappointed that the girls couldn’t stay long. At the time, I was hoping to get to know everyone better and them to know me. It was hurtful to hear some things that were said in my home behind my back, and even out of my home, but maybe the “smorgasbord” that divided us really was the issue.”

Jules insists she did partake of brunch.

“I may not be a bagel lover, but I do love me some Goldberg’s lox and veggie shmear– it is my absolute favorite! Trust me, I had tons of it through the morning.”

But I’m not the only one who noticed Jules hiding in the bathroom when everyone else was eating at Bethenny’s party, right? Even Michael asked where she’d been.

So, does our new girl have an eating disorder? If the previews are anything to go by, she at least had one in the past. Bethenny should treat it with a little more sensitivity. I won’t bother to ask if B. and Carole were less than gracious for pulling a dine and dash (Hamptons style!)—they were the rudest guests ever. But how are you feeling about Jules? Is she a good addition?


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