‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 4 SPOILERS: Are The Survivors In Danger of Strand?

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Fear The Walking Dead returns tonight and the crew of the yacht deals with brash survivors and the mysterious Victor Strand.

Last week’s episode dealt with the negative consequences of helping more survivors and offered viewers a glimpse of its unofficial and mysterious captain. 

Tonight’s episode titled “Blood in The Streets,” will follow Madison as she protects her family from rude and pushy survivors that mean to mess with them. It will also delve into Victor Strand’s character who has been an enigma since the finale of season 1. Viewers will be able to discover more of his character as he takes the survivors to what he considers a safe haven in Mexico.

Also tonight, Nick becomes detached from the group of survivors as he learns about Strand‘s past. He will find his way back to land and discovers a make-shift wall along the coast, guarded by helicopters and ships.

Meanwhile, the remaining survivors aboard the Abigail will be threatened by another group with bad intentions. 

The official trailer for the episode shows that the new survivors aboard are collecting their weapons and ammo while the rest are panic-stricken as they realize that Victor Strand is not a hero and is not there to save everyone.

Tune into Fear the Walking Dead on Sundays at 9:00 pm ET on AMC and catch our recaps every Monday. 


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