RECAP: Little Women L.A. Reunion Part 1 [Season 4]

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What’s a reality show without a reunion? The ladies of Little Women: LA have gathered with Kevin Frazier, who drew the short stick to host the reunion. The ladies are actually dressed more appropriately than any of the Real Housewives who tend to look like pageant participants. Let’s get the party started!

We begin with Briana discussing her “dream” wedding that no one showed up for. Briana admits it wasn’t exactly the “dream” she imagined. She says it was bittersweet to have Christy show up uninvited and fill those empty seats. The two are now on the road to recovery with their friendship.

Everyone is pregnant – Elena, Briana, and Terra to be exact. Elena looks great, even though she is huge and can no longer walk in heels. Terra says the most devastating news for Elena is she can’t have sex for six weeks after the babies are born. Kevin apparently has trouble with this visualization and says that Elena may need this time off.

Next is Briana. She says she feels good despite her disaster marriage. We learn that Matt, her baby-daddy, has up and left two children in Seattle. Kevin asks Briana if this is a concern that Matt might do the same to her. Briana says that the bigger concern is will she kick Matt to the curb. (Yes, please.)

Terra is excited and feeling good about her pregnancy. Christy thinks it’s (sort of) great if Terra wants to add on to her family, that’s her choice, and she’s (sort of) happy for her. Terra calls bullshit on that and tells Christy she’s as fake as her concussion. Christy tells Terra she’s as fake as her fake-ass wig. Terra says she’s pregnant and skinnier than Christy’s fat ass.

Moving on, Kevin asks Christy about her adoption news. She pulls out a tissue and dabs her eyes. For once, Christy can’t speak so they bring out Todd to assist. Todd waddles out to say the little boy they thought they were adopting went to another family. They didn’t say why. Kevin asks Todd if Christy is still being verbally abusive about his weight. Todd says it’s called tough love and he’s lost 30 pounds through Christ’s boot up the ass camp.

Flashbacks are shown of the ladies’ friendship merry-go round. Tonya was shocked when Terra accused her of not being there for her after her surgery. Tonya admits dropping the ball by not visiting the hospital, but she was busy that day – and she texted – so there. Elena says that being Terra’s friend sometimes means interpreting no as yes, and maybe as, who the hell knows. Terra says she considers Tonya and Elena family.

Onto Jasmine and Elena and their inability to connect – but they do look a lot alike, right? Jasmine says that Elena was jealous of her. Elena says there was competition between them and Jasmine isn’t as real as she claims. Jasmine says they are now growing on each other and Elena says after learning she’s pregnant with twins, she couldn’t care less about Jasmine.

Kevin asks Briana if she considers anyone in the group to be her friend since nobody likes Matt. Not really. After the sexting situation, and now that there’s a baby involved, it’s time to get real. Jasmine is mad because she was the last supporter of Matt and he trashed it. Tonya calls Briana so thirsty she wouldn’t listen to the issues with Matt. We learn that Briana threw Matt out a week ago – so he could visit the kids he’s ignoring in Seattle. Briana won’t answer if she still loves Matt. (Yes) Kevin asks if Briana regrets getting pregnant with Matt’s baby. Briana won’t say she regrets it, but she will say she regrets the next decision she needs to make.

Bring out the loser. Jasmine won’t even sit on the same couch as Matt because he made her look like an idiot. Matt says there’s no excuse for his behavior and apologizes to Jasmine for making her look stupid. Matt says he’s been afflicted with being a possible sex addict. Matt also suffers from selective amnesia and can’t remember how many women he’s been sexting. Basically his answer to everything is, “I don’t know.” Kevin bitch slaps Matt for avoiding the questions and showing his penis to every woman in America. Ewww.

Matt says he was sexually abused as a kid and that’s why he is the way he is. Elena doesn’t think therapy will help Matt, he just needs to grow up. Matt says he’s cured now and the sexting will forever stop. Does Briana believe it? She borrows Matt’s line of, “I don’t know.” Then Kevin mentions the domestic violence Matt used on a different “Tonya.” Matt says he’s never hit a woman or thrown a glass as someone’s head – Terra. And Briana has a heart condition, you dumbasses, so live with it.

Coming up, we are actually going to see the texts from Matt to the other women. WTF, says Matt. He didn’t sign up for this. Matt and Briana say they won’t stay for it. No one has class but Matt, so he says. Kevin says, too bad, loser, you humiliated your wife. Deal!

Tune in next week to see if Matt deals and the conclusion of #glassgate.


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