Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Eileen Davidson & Lisa Rinna’s Hypocrisy In Deleted Facebook Blog — Read Here! #RHOBH

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As we watched part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, things got really uncomfortable. It was hard to see the women keep piling onto Lisa Vanderpump, as they’ve done in seasons past. As always, Lisa sat there and took it. But in her blog this week, she wants to set the record straight.

Lisa Rinna claims Vanderpump called her ten times at home to talk over the Munchhausen situation.

“In the weeks that we filmed, prior to the Munchausen exposè, arrangements were made between all of us. LR‘s birthday dinner, the trip across the country to buy the little pony… I didn’t want to go alone, and it was decided LR should come too. …the plane schedule, how we would execute our ridiculous plan, what we would wear, giggling over cowboy hats, etc… There was also Ken‘s birthday planning…Ken‘s actual birthday party…so of course there would be the odd phone call over those six weeks or so….Is LR alleging it was 10 conspiratorial conversations regarding YF? Absolute hogwash…”

After Rinna muttered the M-word, she went to Yolanda for absolution.

LR had remorse for initiating a conversation and needed to speak to her. Not once, in all these conversations, was it said that Kyle and I were involved. But when LR felt after the Lyme gala, where Kyle expressed her sympathy for Yolanda, that possibly the tide might turn against her, she wanted to extricate herself from the debacle she had created and pass the blame.”

At this point, Eileen became the true master manipulator.

“Fueled by ED‘s dislike for me, a clandestine little plot was hatched. If you recall at the dinner when Andrea Bocelli sang, LR replied, “I love LV and don’t find her manipulative at all.” That would not have been said if she had been pressured repeatedly to ignite the Munchausen conversation, but for ED that wouldn’t suffice, and slowly ED managed to persuade her opinion otherwise.”

And then there’s the “affair” conspiracy. Eileen is adamant that LVP set her up. Vanderpump isn’t having it.

“Let us cast our minds back to the innocuous conversation where I inadvertently used the terminology “affair.” She never reacted at the time, not even a hint. We went to lunch the next day…no mention. We also had dinner together at Bethenny‘s..not a word. It wasn’t until that last day when she blindsided me and stated how hurt she was. I was mystified, I knew I had no intention of hurting her.”

If anyone is owed an apology, it’s Vanderpump, not Eileen.

ED can mimic my accent, repeatedly, call me manipulative, ruin a vacation, scream at me to the point of tears, relentlessly pursue a verbal attack, and goad LR as I sit there and her [sic] feel no apology is due from her.”

Lisa doesn’t like the way Rinna relentlessly went after Kim Richards this season either.

“It also baffles me why LR is so relentless towards Kim. It has to be extraordinarily difficult to deal with addiction in the public eye, additionally to spend every day with somebody close, who has a terminal illness. It is a pressure that should evoke sympathy. For Kim to endure a barrage of negativity and abuse, constantly hurled at her by somebody who clearly has some sort of rage and regret syndrome, must be challenging…”

Of course Eileen jumped on the bandwagon, bringing up last year’s trip to Amsterdam and the poker party. Kim refused to admit she wasn’t sober, true, but attacking Kim isn’t a good look for Soapy and Sudsy.

“It is a wonderful example of two cohorts, driven by pure nastiness, as they pursue their goal. I don’t have any comprehension of how you can be so vicious with regard to somebody’s sobriety, calling them gross, for example, and then say that was then and this is now…I wish you well.”

Rinna tried desperately to brush her behavior under the rug and “move on”, saying “that was then, this is now.” Well, how very convenient, after haranguing Vanderpump to “own” her behavior. Why doesn’t Rinna concentrate on her own shit and leave everyone else alone?

“This is reality, where relationships are delicate and not a land of bubbles that pop as they yell cut, where vicious accusations are dispersed as you close your dressing room doors. Actions have consequences, consequences that are sometimes dire. You cannot rewrite history and piece back together fragmented relationships…You cannot absolve yourself from any responsibility just by muttering regret.”

Vanderpump doesn’t regret her decision to sit there and take Eileen and Rinna’s accusations.

“I see things clearly now. Clarity has descended, maybe I should’ve retaliated aggressively at the reunion, but I refuse to wallow in the murky quagmire in which they swim. It was an arduous few weeks that I emerged from bruised, but emotionally intact as I focus on all the positivities that life has to offer…”

As Vanderpump said last season, throw her to the wolves and she’ll return leading the pack. These women never get tired of trying to take her down, but she always emerges the victor.

So are you exhausted from Eileen’s constant whining and Rinna’s double talk? What has been the best part of the reunion so far?

Lisa Vanderpump set the Season 6 record straight on her Facebook page today, without Bravo editors slicing, dicing, or watering down her truth. View a screen grab of  Vanderpump‘s unedited blog (prior to deletion) below.

Part 1

Part 2

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